Chapter One, Page One…

Oh, come on.  You’re not seriously going to write that thing, are you?

I’m thinking about it.  Why?

Nicholas, come on.  People are going to think you’re an egoist.  A self-indulgent, maniacal egoist of the highest order.

Well hey, maybe I can be the…good kind of egoist?

Good kind?

Yeah, maybe I could be a driven egoist, a self-made man, an individualist—

… like Victor Frankenstein, perhaps?  Dosteovsky’s Underground Man?  Frank Cotton?  Or hey, maybe you could be like Walter Kurtz!

Okay, okay.   It certainly doesn’t help my case that I’m currently writing a dialogue between two voices in my head, now does it?  So it’s already too late.  Why shouldn’t I write my story?

Okay then.  Are you going to open up about how awkward you are?  Yeah?  Your introverted need for alone time?  Are you going to describe your ridiculous phobia of the telephone?  That’ll be hilarious!  Are you going to tell them that you were the quiet first grader who hid dozens of apple cores inside his desk because he was too embarrassed to step up in front of the class and throw his cores away? 

I’m going to tell my story.

Right.  And in the process, you’re going to make yourself look like Superman.

Eh, I see myself as more of the Spider-Man type.  Morally-driven, dryly sarcastic and idealistic, but also a bit of an outsider.  Yeah, I’m definitely more of a Spidey.

Wow.  Figures that you’d say that. 

Sure.  Okay.  Goodbye.  I’m going to start writing now.

About what?



Hello, readers!

Thanks for coming!  It appears that you are currently witnessing the birth of my blog.  Birth is a bit of a messy process, of course—a lot of blood, and the movies don’t really warn you about the placental expulsion.  That said, let’s cut the umbilical cord and get on with it.


So, to begin with, I should probably introduce myself.  Nobody likes a newcomer who just barges in on the conversation and acts like they know something, right?


Oh my, look at that handsome man…

My name is Nicholas Conley, and I am a 23-year-old published writer.

I am the author of The Cage Legacy, a brutally intense psychological horror/young adult novel published by Post Mortem Press in October of 2012.  My debut novel, The Cage Legacy tells the story of Ethan Cage, a quiet, intelligent boy whose childhood is irreversibly devastated by the discovery that his loving father has been privately leading a double life as a serial killer dubbed “the Mutilator.”  Now 17 years old, Ethan must struggle to forge an identity for himself in the wake of his father’s bloody past.

Finally fulfilling the childhood dream of having my first novel published has definitely been a wild ride, and I’ll admit that seeing that picture above this text still makes me grin like a fiend.  I’m currently hard at work on the long, utterly-exhausting task of editing my second novel.  As of a few days ago, I’m currently about halfway through my fourth round of edits.

In addition to The Cage Legacy, I have also had almost 50 of my short stories published in an assortment of magazines, anthologies and online venues.  Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, literary fiction…I don’t restrict myself to any one genre, so long as I can get into my character’s heads and mess around a bit.  I am a member of the New England Horror Writers.  My short novella, Enslavement – an approximately 100-page thriller about a group of addicts trapped together in a mysterious subway train – was published in the 2011 anthology Road to Hell

Writing is my life.    It’s the driving force behind everything I do.  But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing in my life.

Though I’m originally from Los Angeles County, I currently reside on the seacoast of New Hampshire; it’s a really neat, really under-appreciated area with a lot of history.  I’ve lived all over the country, and I’ve even spent some time living on the road itself, exploring everything this country has to offer.

What, you want more personal details?  Okay, okay…


As I said, I live on the NH seacoast.  I’m currently renting out an apartment in this fantastic 200-year-old building, living with my significant other—a beautiful lady by the name of Veronica.  When I’m not spending my time hunched over a keyboard, shooting off sentences at a rapid-fire pace (which devours about 32 hours of an average 24-hour day), I do what anyone else does; I spend time with my girlfriend, friends and loved ones.  I love exploration.  I read obsessively—and I do mean obsessively, whether it’s novels (which I tend to consume like a Ford Mustang guzzles gasoline), short stories, comics, news articles or The New Yorker.  I’m a proud film geek, with a DVD collection that’s well over the hundreds and gaining.  I enjoy glorious amounts of coffee, walking, driving and whenever I get the chance, taking time off to visit my incredibly large family down in North Carolina; for the record, I’m one of five siblings.  Yes, I’m the oldest.

I also wake up in the morning, and I go to sleep at night.  I have a car, and I drive it.  I wear a jacket on cold days.   When I have a package to mail out, I go to the post office.

Anyway, in the coming weeks, this blog here will serve many purposes.  First and foremost, I want to use it as a way to allow you readers to gain more insight into who I am, what my daily routine consists of, and what drives a person to devote their life to creating make-believe stories.  Ideally, I’d like to use this blog to establish a dialogue with my readers.  After all, any good story is a two-way street; I might supply the details, but what really counts is the part where you start reading my details and creating a world with me.  Some blog posts will be about current events in my life, professional or otherwise.  Some posts will likely serve as opinion pieces.  Many of my posts will probably be reviews and essays of various books, movies, TV shows, and so on that I wish to discuss.  I’ll try to post a new blog on every Thursday – it would really mean a great deal to me if you guys took a couple moments to hit the “Follow me!” button on the top right column to subscribe to my posts.

Anyway, let’s get this started!

Thanks for reading –

–          Nicholas Conley


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