The Characters of THE CAGE LEGACY


Photo taken by Jason Harris.

At its core, The Cage Legacy is a story about a single character.  It’s a story about a quiet, self-conscious teenager with a horrifyingly dark, brutal past.  A teenager named Ethan Cage – a kid who just happens to be the son of a brilliant serial killer dubbed “the Mutilator.”

Yes, The Cage Legacy is a psychological thriller.  It’s a novel that is primarily concerned with the fragile mental status of its protagonist, a novel that ruthlessly tears away all of Ethan’s defenses, forcing the wounded adolescent to face the very things that he fears the most.    Because of this psychological focus, most of what I’ve written about the novel – including my essay, Why I wrote The Cage Legacy – has  examined the nature of this conflicted character, opening up his back story, holding a magnifying glass to the remarkably painful situation that Ethan has grown up in.

However, although Ethan is the central focus of The Cage Legacy – and although he is certainly quite an introvert – it’s important to recognize that, like any human being, Ethan doesn’t operate out of a void.  He has loved ones.  Friends.  A community.  Enemies.  He has an entire world around him, a small town full of people who are constantly watching his every move, waiting for him to exhibit the same dangerous traits as his father.  There are many important figures in Ethan’s life, and it’s time to take a brief glance at just who these people are.

So, who are the characters of The Cage Legacy? Let’s take a look.


Ethan Cage – A quiet loner.  A troubled rebel.  A kind-hearted older brother, and a devoted boyfriend.  A surprisingly intelligent kid who sits in the back of the high school classroom making sarcastic comments – and as a result, falls in and out of suspension every other week – instead of applying himself.  Seventeen-year-old Ethan Cage, the protagonist of The Cage Legacy, is like any other teenager; he doesn’t know who he is.  He doesn’t know how he fits into the world.  He struggles to create his own identity.  He feels lost. Powerless.  But Ethan has other problems; he’s haunted by the knowledge that his adoring father, Carter Cage, was secretly a violent serial killer.  In The Cage Legacy, Ethan will be forced to piece together the shattered fragments of his past – and hopefully not lose himself in the process.

Carter Cage – Professionally, Carter Cage was once a respected cryogenic engineer.  At home, he was a loving, protective family man – a hero to his son Ethan, and the best husband that his wife Evita could’ve ever asked for.  But when the truth was revealed – the sinister, brutal truth – it all came crashing down.  Behind the scenes, Carter Cage had been operating as a ruthless serial killer, a twisted scientist nicknamed “The Mutilator,” who performed sadistic science experiments upon his helpless victims.  Since then, Carter was been locked up in prison, and none of his loved ones have ever quite recovered from the shock.

Whitney Dyson – Whitney, Ethan’s girlfriend, is a girl who wants to make a difference.  She wants to help people, she wants to save the outcasts, and she wants to prove her worth to the world…but this devotion is often undermined by her own vulnerability.  Whitney is surprisingly fragile, with deep scars inflicted on her by a painful upbringing with an abusive stepfather, and a mother that was always too scared to speak up.  She has a history of dating troubled outcasts, but she’s never dated a boy quite like Ethan Cage…

Evita Cruz – It’s not easy being the ex-wife of a psychopath.  Evita, Ethan’s mother, is a woman who has never really learned how to stand on her own two feet. She’s always felt scared.  Lonely.  Vulnerable.  So instead of fixing herself, she’s learned to cope, and she’s turned to a reliable crutch: prescription drugs.  She loves her two children, but she can’t handle them.  She can’t handle herself.

Mary Cage – Ethan’s little sister Mary is too young to remember her father.  She’s lived her whole life in the aftershock of tragedy, often bearing the brunt of her mother’s frustrations.  Mary almost never talks.  She doesn’t have many friends.  But she loves her older brother; Ethan is the only person in her life who’s always loved her, unconditionally.

Chris Vong – Chris is a hyper-sensitive outcast who desperately wants to fit into the mainstream; if the popular kids smoke, he smokes.  If they wear saggy jeans, he wears saggy jeans.  If they drink, he drinks.  Like a starving child, he clings to the affections of his best friend, Ethan Cage, hoping that Ethan will lead him down the right path.

Anthony Keyes – Ethan’s other best friend, Anthony completes the trio of teenagers.  But unlike his friends, Anthony is actually fairly happy with his life.  Smart, observant and remarkably understanding, Anthony has the keen instincts of a future journalist – and a dry, sarcastic wit that allows him to get through every day with a cocky smile

Police Chief Lando Johnson – Chief Johnson is a man with a brain like an encyclopedia, a man who has used that brain to memorize the names, addresses and personal histories of everyone in his entire town.  He’s a man with connections, connections that can get him anything and everything he needs.  Chief Johnson doesn’t need to look up your information; if you dare to venture into his territory, he already knows everything about you.  And lately, he’s been taking a lot of interest in a certain seventeen-year-old with father issues…

cage legacy

The Cage Legacy is available on  Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys next week!

-Nicholas Conley


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