Happy birthday, THE CAGE LEGACY!

It’s pretty surreal to think that a year has already gone by so fast.  So much has changed, so many things have happened, but it still feels like it was just yesterday that I was steadily putting Ethan Cage’s story together, still preparing the book that would end up being my debut novel.  The thrill I felt at its publication is hard to describe, but easy to remember, easy to relive.  It was an overwhelming kind of excitement, an amazing sense of wonderment that still hasn’t quite faded, even all of this time later.

So, why am I posting this?  Because as of tomorrow, October 18th, The Cage Legacy officially turns one year old.

Happy birthday, Ethan, Carter, Mary, Chief Johnson and all.  Happy birthday.

And hey, by the way!  Cheers to all of you guys, my WordPress and Facebook followers.  Thank you for sticking around.  My interactions with all of you have become a regular source of joy, and I always look forward to logging in and seeing what’s happenin’.  Here’s to the future!


As always, The Cage Legacy is available on Amazon.com!

-Nicholas Conley

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