The Flores Factor interviews Nicholas Conley


I recently was interviewed by Richard Flores IV for an author feature on his website, The Flores Factor.  We discussed a variety of subjects – including writing, The Cage Legacy, embarrassing author mistakes, and even a little bit about Iceland.  To read the full interview, click on the following link!

Author interview: NICHOLAS CONLEY

Enjoy the read, guys!

EDIT:  On a side note, WordPress has just informed me that this blog entry is officially the 50th post on Writings, Readings and Coffee Addictions.  A big thanks goes out to all of you reading this, following, liking, commenting and so on.   Here’s to the many more posts yet to come!


Mark Rothko’s Black on Maroon, over at the Tate Modern in London.

7 thoughts on “The Flores Factor interviews Nicholas Conley

      • Well, I didn’t want to spoil it, but you know, for some reason, I had my suspicions, and the ending just confirmed them. =_= I’d like to tell you why I had these suspicions , but I feel my reaction to the ending is almost a spoiler. So, okay, a hint……. unreactive. * Is there a word unreactive, ha ha ? *

        • Haha, hmm, it’s tricky to avoid spoilers. Here, I have an HTML trick I can show you to type spoilers on WordPress,
          like this, for example. Simply copy/paste the following code, and place your spoiler text in the place where it currently says SPOILER TEXT GOES RIGHT HERE. Here’s the code:

          <br /> <span style="color:#000000;background-color:#000000;">SPOILER TEXT GOES RIGHT HERE</span></p>

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