How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

Don't be fooled by the SOUP mug, the coffee is not a lie.

Don’t be fooled by the SOUP mug.  The coffee is not a lie.

Okay, so the time has come for us to confront the most important question of all.  It’s time to look deep inside ourselves, pull the truth from the darkest caverns of our subconscious and confess that truth to the world.  That question, of course, is this:

How—and when—do we drink our coffee?

Okay, so this sounds like a silly subject.  And on the surface, this appears to be a simple question!  But as us diehard coffee enthusiasts know, this answer is anything but simple.  Some of us like our coffee on the go, on the road, in a travel mug.  Some of us like it late at night, with a good book.  Some of us like it black.  Some of us like it with ice cream.  Some like grounding the beans themselves, and others like the ease of instant coffee.  The list goes on.

Consider: coffee taste is so personal—and usually, so specific—that it can’t help but give us insight into a person’s personality.  It’s about more than just taste, really.  Like with alcohol, you can tell a lot about a person by how they take their coffee.   The same kind of person that drinks it black, harsh and bitter is different than the kind who drinks it warm, thick and sugary.  The kind of person who drinks their coffee on the road is different than the kind who reserves a whole hour in the morning for their treasured “coffee time.” Even those  who don’t drink coffee, and instead opt for something like green tea or hot chocolate, are revealing something by that very choice.

Nicholas Conley having coffee in Reykjavik, Iceland

Nicholas Conley enjoying his first cup of coffee in Reykjavik, Iceland

As for me?  As I’ve stated in prior coffee-obsessed posts, I drink it black.  The darker the better. Though I’ll happily drink any coffee, even bad coffee, my ideal cup is dark, strong and brewed from freshly ground beans.  I always have it first thing in the morning, and during the latter half of the day I like to drink it when I have a good period of time to sit and do contemplative things; writing, working on an outline, reading a book book, and so on.  To me, coffee is tied to creativity and mental activity, so I always prefer to have a long period of time in which to patiently enjoy my cup, rather than rushing through it.  Though I’m pretty open to coffee in all of its many forms.  Coffee always makes anything—and everything—better.

As I’ve said before, it’s often the simple things that matter most.  There are few things in the world that make me happier than a good cup of coffee, and I hope to enjoy that small pleasure until the day I die.

So, what about you?

How do you guys like your coffee?  Let’s hear it!

Nicholas Conley at his desk - art by Tamara Višković.

Nicholas Conley at his desk – art by Tamara Višković.

35 thoughts on “How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

  1. I love the smell of coffee. I personally cannot drink it black. I need a good creamer and a hint of sugar. I like it later in the day, evening is best. I will drink it in the morning though, but I’m usually in need of a 5hr energy shot to get me going first thing, so coffee is reserved for relaxing in the evening.

  2. Definitely black, fresh ground from home-roasted beans. It is so simple to roast and grind your own, I don’t know why anyone buys pre-ground stuff. Plus, you can try a rich assortment of blends and single gourmet beans at minimal cost compared with less special, less fresh super market coffees. It’s fun, it’s a challenge to find that one bean or to create that blend you specifically like best of all, and you get to drink the experiments!

    I prefer to have it in the morning, but any time of day is fine.

  3. I love my coffee either with 2% milk and sugar, or with creamer…like hazelnut or crème brulee.

    I also prefer to have my coffee in the morning, but it also depends on the type of day I’m having, or the mood I’m in…but honestly, I can drink coffee at any time. 😀

  4. I’m a in-the-morning fresh-bean blond-and-slightly-sweet type of guy, but after years in the military I can drink just about anything…
    …and I have. When your coffee comes from a #10 can with a white label that simply reads “COFFEE: All Purpose Grind” you know you’re drinking shit.
    I…I try not to do that anymore. Actually, I try to forget that I lived off that for over a decade. Actually, forget everything I just wrote. I’m a in-the-morning fresh-bean blond-and-slightly-sweet type of guy.

    • Haha, oh man, “All Purpose Grind” for over a decade…I can’t imagine that’s any better than it sounds!

      I can understand, though. Even bad coffee is still coffee, and when the caffeine addiction kicks into gear, the pure need for coffee supersedes any desire for quality coffee. No matter what preferences I might have, I’ll happily drink the worst coffee available if it’s the only coffee available.

  5. I like to have a coffee around mid-morning. Its the time of day when I like to just have a quiet half hour maybe, and just take time out enjoy a coffee. I prefer a milky coffee, with two sugars 😀

  6. Hot, weak and wet with milk and sugar. I only drink it once a day if at home now but will drink it during the day if out. These days I think I prefer the smell to the taste as a lot of places seem to do it quite bitter and strong.

  7. Wow! What’s the longest you’ve gone without drinking coffee? I consider myself more of a social drinker. I like coffee but I don’t have that need to drink it religiously. When I do drink coffee, however, I like it strong and sweet, with both sugar and flavored creamer.

      • In a week, I drink coffee about 3-4 times a week. When it’s slow at work and I’m looking for something to do, I’ll prepare a cup of coffee, either to keep me busy or awake. I drink a lot of tea and Mexican hot chocolate though.

          • It’s pretty sweet so I’m not sure if you’ll totally dig it, but it’s worth a try. If you go to a supermarket that has a Mexican/Ethnic food section, you’ll probably find it. One of the popular brands has a picture of a grandma on the packaging (a very white grandma if you ask me). Or Google (Bing, Yahoo, whatever) Abuelita hot chocolate or Ibarra.

  8. Always, always, always black. Personally, I drink coffee for the taste rather than the caffeine, so black it is. I guess you can say I’m a bit of purist, haha. I also noticed that on your picture, it mentioned that it was taken in Reykjavik – how was your time there? I’ve always wanted to go!

    • Oh, Iceland is absolutely amazing. One of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been to, by far. I went in not really knowing what to expect, and was completely blown away by the culture, people and architecture. I wrote a bit about my trip in this blog entry, from last year.

      Anyway, if you ever get the chance, definitely take a trip out there! I highly recommend it.

  9. I, pretty much, drink coffee all day long. I am the coffee-holic. I used to prefer black coffee, though not too strong. However, I developed an upper ulcer so I switched to having creamer in my coffee. This doesn’t mean that I won’t drink it black. If you don’t have creamer or milk, that’s okay. I’ll take the coffee the way it is.

  10. Coffee is the best part of my morning. I drink coffee with less than a tablespoon of sugar and top it with flavored creamer (preferably Italian sweet cream). P.S. I’m jealous you got to visit Iceland! 🙂

    • Agreed! I always say that the longest part of every morning is the horribly infinite stretch between getting out of bed and having that first cup of coffee.

      And oh yeah, as I said, Iceland is amazing. Definitely one of the most fascinating places that I’ve ever been to.

  11. There is a pub near me which dies really grim filtered coffee, the best thing about it is that it is free refills, so for 89p I can have as many as I want. I prefer mine black as well, ‘as black as midnight on a moonless night’ as Agent Cooper would say. I tend to only drink it when in polite company though, other than that it’s a pint of bitter because it matches my soul.

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