Horror Selfies

In celebration of October–everyone’s favorite monthlong horror celebration–the Horror Writer’s Association has called upon all authors, readers, actors, directors and other creators of dark fiction to promote the importance of reading by contributing to their Horror Selfies campaign.  Contributors have included such big names as Stephen King, Peter Straub and Jonathan Maberry.  To quote the official site:

In 2014, the Horror Writers Association (HWA) created the Horror Selfies campaign in an effort to highlight the exceptional work, both literary and cinematic, produced by the horror genre. Inspired by the popular “Say it with a Sign” meme—used by everyone from Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Bon Jovi, to David Beckham and Princes William and Harry—the HWA is utilizing the vast reach of social media to provide a platform through which people can tell the world why they love horror.

The HWA put out the call to authors and readers, actors and directors, fans and followers, to submit a selfie in which they hold a sign encouraging others to read horror/dark fantasy, to watch horror movies, or to write horror. Additionally, the HWA is also encouraging people to promote literacy/reading among children and young adults, or supporting a local library in their Horror Selfies.

I’ll admit, I’m not usually one to take “selfies.” However, I do believe very strongly in the importance of reading, so I decided that I might as well send a photo in.   So, here I am–with my coffee, Hawaiian shirt and the requisite sign.


Nicholas Conley (with his all-important cup of coffee)

My official Horror Selfie page can be found here, and for anyone interested, selfies can still be submitted to the site until November 1st.  Cheers!


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