Wintery update!


Okay guys, so here’s the scoop.  The continually top secret Novel #2 has entered the official editing phase at Red Adept Publishing, so for the past month I’ve been working night and day with the editor to iron out all the kinks.  Luckily, this editor is absolutely amazing, with an incredible eye for detail (always a good thing!) and so it’s been a highly enjoyable process, all around.

As usual, more updates soon!

In the meantime, taking a step back to look at my first novel again, here’s a new review of The Cage Legacy, courtesy of Lizzy Baldwin of MyLittleBookBlog.  That review can be found here!  And, to give you guys a small preview:

The character profiles are built up brilliantly and developed consistently throughout. Ethan displays a split personality; both desperate to open up but also terrified of giving too much away.

…thank you, Lizzy!

The Cage Legacy, by Nicholas Conley - Art by André Levi Machado Chasqueira.

The Cage Legacy, by Nicholas Conley – Art by André Levi Machado Chasqueira.

To close out, I can’t finish without mentioning the one word that, right now, is currently on the lips of everyone here on the East Coast United States: snow.  Snow, snow and more snow.  For my fellow East Coasters, you know what I mean.  For everyone else, well, let me just say that we here on the east side have basically been hit by a big ol’ wintery fist to the face.  That said, I actually really like snow, so I’ve been enjoying it.  So far, no power outages!



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