New interview on Heroic Fantasy Writers

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Greetings, everybody!

I’ve got a new interview to share with you all, courtesy of Heroic Fantasy Writers!  It’s a quick read, and in it I discuss such topics as violence in fiction, the importance of fantasy, and—of course—a few tiny, tiny updates about that upcoming Novel #2:

Words With Nicholas Conley, Author of “The Cage Legacy”

Tell us about your books.
Well, I have a new book coming out this year from Red Adept Publishing. As followers of my blog will tell you, I’ve been dropping hints about it for a long time now! At the moment, what I will say—without spoiling too much—is that the book deals heavily with issues of cognition and perception. Alzheimer’s disease, in particular, is at the heart of the story in a big way.



Go ahead and give it a read!

In other news, while this customary New England weather continues to leave a crystalline white covering over everything in sight, my fiancée and I are taking a brief vacation from the snow: at the end of this week, we’ll be going out to Jamaica!


This’ll be the first time I’ve gone out to Jamaica, so if any of you have been before, I’d love to hear any travel suggestions: things I have to see, places I have to go, and so on.

4 thoughts on “New interview on Heroic Fantasy Writers

  1. I have never been to Jamaica yet instinctively know that beer can is actually the tasty piggy supplement over there. I like your early fantasy book tastes, some proper classics there which will stand the test of time. It is great to see an author put in lots of effort to make a book as compelling and accurate as possible, I bet it is grating when people read it within a day and then say they are looking forward to your next one,soon!

    • Oh yeah, as I said, I’ve never been either, but always wanted to go. Will definitely have many stories when I get back, I’m sure!

      And thank you, all of the long hours of research did indeed amount to quite a bit of work, so I appreciate the compliment. I’m very happy with all the read-it-in-a-day readers; I just wish I was fast enough to get the next book to everyone by the next day!

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