Nicholas Conley in Jamaica

Greetings, everyone!

As I write this, I’m currently surrounded by the lush greenery, radiant sunlight and smiling faces of Jamaica.  Quite a change from the snow that we’ve been surrounded by for some months now, that’s for certain.

So far, Jamaica has turned out to be one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited.  The locals have such a wondrous joy for life that can’t be matched; though so many people here possess so little, everyone here is always ready to greet any stranger they come across with a smile.   It’s a beautiful place, in every possible way that a place can be beautiful.


When we travel, my fiancée and I like to submerge ourselves in the culture, to really experience the country and get to know it.  And that’s exactly what we’ve done here in Jamaica – through three power outages and no available hot water, while spending countless hours exploring the towns of Negril, the West End, Montego Bay and Roaring River – and, of course, enjoying many long hours on the beach.

One of the more beautiful aspects of being in Jamaica is how fast you can become a part of the town, how quickly you can make true, lifelong friendships with the people there.  There’s already a long list of new Jamaican friends that I’ll be staying in contact with, and we make new ones everyday.

It’s an amazing place.  Red Stripe is a new favorite.  The jerk chicken is beyond comparison.  And the coffee is pretty excellent, too:


But hey, I’ve said enough.  I’ll let some pictures do the talking, and then I’ll get back to enjoying my last few days here in the heart of the Caribbean.








10 thoughts on “Jamaica

  1. It looks great there and connecting with the people, now that’s a proper holiday. I don’t understand the people who go to places just to stay in a hotel complex all the time. The culture is a powerful thing that not only teaches you but helps connect you to a place, to the locals and fellow travellers, who understand.

    • Completely agreed. Experiencing a new and different culture is exactly what makes traveling so amazing; it opens one’s eyes, broadens one’s horizons and deepens one’s understanding of the world in a major way.

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