Here it is, guys!

As you all know, I’ve been hinting about the mysterious “Novel #2” for a long time.  Now, it’s time to pull back the shroud of secrecy and show you what I’ve been working on.

So, let’s cut through the curtains and see what’s waiting on the other side:

My next book, PALE HIGHWAY, will be coming to you this fall, from Red Adept Publishing!


Gabriel Schist is spending his remaining years at Bright New Day, a nursing home. He once won the Nobel Prize for inventing a vaccine for AIDS. But now, he has Alzheimer’s, and his mind is slowly slipping away.

When one of the residents comes down with a horrific virus, Gabriel realizes that he is the only one who can find a cure. Encouraged by Victor, an odd stranger, he convinces the administrator to allow him to study the virus. Soon, reality begins to shift, and Gabriel’s hallucinations interfere with his work.

As the death count mounts, Gabriel is in a race against the clock and his own mind. Can he find a cure before his brain deteriorates past the point of no return?

Coming Fall 2015

9 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: Nicholas Conley’s PALE HIGHWAY

  1. What an awesome basis for a storyline. Did you have to study the variations of Alzheimer’s pretty deeply to be able to write from that perspective. I’d be interested…
    Best wishes!👏👏👏🔺

    • Thanks! Oh yes, I had to do a lot of research, though my initial inspiration for the story came from my years of experience working with Alzheimer’s patients in a nursing home; the people I took care of were some of the most incredible, inspirational people I’ve ever met in my life, especially in the face of such a terrifying illness.

  2. I like the cover very much, Alzheimers seems to be the ‘in’ disease to wish to cure so your novel is nicely timed, it’ll be interesting to read about the fears of someone with such an affliction.

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