Happy centennial, everybody!

That’s right: Writings, Readings and Coffee Addictions is officially 100 posts old.  Despite the misleading title, however, I can assure you that far more than 100 coffees have been consumed during the making of this blog.

It’s been a long, caffeinated road, and I’m glad you’ve all been here with me.  From all of our shared Coffee Moments™ to never-ending lines on a white paper, book reviews about Circles to film reviews about space robots, from the jaws of Self-Cannibalistic Creative Monsters to the intrigue of Myers-Briggs, Jamaican vacations to to Canadian ones, and finally, to the recent cover reveal of Pale Highway, things have been pretty busy since this blog first touched down on the internet back in February of 2013.

photo 3

A lot of memories.  So many, many good memories, and so many great comments.  It’s been absolutely wonderful getting to know all of you—at least, in an online sense—and I look forward to many more great interactions to come.  Thanks for following me, it truly makes my day anytime I come on here and see new interactions.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing—but also an addictive one—so I’m going to cap this post off by finishing my cup and having a Coffee Moment™.  Cheers, everyone!

13 thoughts on “100 Cups of Coffee, and 100 Posts to Go with Them!

    • Thank you! And yes, dogs just need that little extra attention sometimes (often!).

      Haven’t had one around for a few years, but I miss dogs every time I see one; will have to rectify that someday soon.

  1. I thought the title meant you were going on one mad coffee binge to celebrate the 100 posts, that would have made for an entertaining post had you written it on your 100th cup. It’s always great to pop over and read your musings and following your ideas and career. I look forward to another century of posts and beyond!

    • Thank you, sir, your insights here are always appreciated and looked forward to! Unfortunately,as appealing as the idea sounds, I suspect that trying to down 100 cups of coffee in a day might result in a 100th post never happening…

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