I have a new interview in the Portsmouth Review, a publication based out of the New Hampshire seacoast. In this piece, I talk to Rebecca Skane about Pale Highway, why I love writing, and even some of my family background.  Check it out at the link below!


The Portsmouth Review Talks to Local Author Nicholas Conley

When I was first forming the skeleton of what would eventually become Pale Highway, I batted around a lot of different title ideas, most of which related to Gabriel’s dementia, none of which stuck. Then, there was this one night where inspiration just struck me. As soon as the words “Pale Highway” entered my brain, I knew for the first time what my novel was going to be about, really about, and I was ready to write the first draft within a few months. I can’t go too much into detail, as that would spoil some pretty major points, but trust me – that title is important.


13 thoughts on “New Interview in the Portsmouth Review

      • Better late than never, I just read this fantastic article. I adore your views on life, your interesting upbringing, and your literary insights, of course.:) As you know, Stephen King is also a huge inspiration to me, and what can I say about the genius that is David Foster Wallace?

        Thank you for being YOU!:)

        • Thanks man, that means a lot to me! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

          And yes, David Foster Wallace is another one that always amazes me, whenever I go back and reread his work. The combination of genuineness with brilliant intellectualism is hard to beat.

          • You are most welcome! I really enjoyed it a LOT.

            Wallace never ceases to amaze me, as well. Even when reading a scene that slogs along, there’s beauty, insight, and an awful lot of uniqueness. He was so clever and creative, too! He is missed…

  1. It’s good to know that there are more future books coming our way, not that I am greedy of course but awaiting your new book is exciting as well. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is a great call by the way.

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