We’re up in Bangor, Maine this weekend as Veronica takes her doula certification course. Exciting stuff, and she’ll be amazing when she gets started. Though this is far from the first time I’ve been in Maine—on the NH seacoast, we’re just a bicycle ride away from the Maine border—but whenever I come up here, I always find a lot to appreciate about this state. It’s a rugged place with wonderful people, and a real sense of history.  In addition to exploring Bangor and having dinner with friends at the Sea Dog, I made a point to check out Hallowell, Augusta and the Maine State Museum, the latter of which reveals more about the history of Maine than just about anything else could.

An especially cool moment: sitting in the museum’s recreation of a 1960s living room, with a projector screen flickering ’60s home movies, picking up a National Geographic from the side table and flicking through an article discussing the details of the upcoming moon landing, complete with hypothetical illustrations. Surreal and wonderful.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos in the museum, but I did get some pictures from Bangor and Hallowell that I’ll share with you guys here.

Kennebec River

Kennebec River




Well, when you’re in Bangor…

20 thoughts on “Weekend in Maine

    • Oh yeah, it’s a cool museum! Would love to bump into Stephen King, though considering the vast amount of different activities that any one person can preoccupy themselves with, I’d imagine that bumping into someone is harder than it sounds.

      • Yeah, always enjoy visiting museums. I went to the National History museum last time I was in London, always well worth a visit. How brilliant it would be to meet Stephen King, well you never know, it could happen! Well, enjoy the rest of your break away. Having a nice quiet Sunday evening here in UK 🙂

    • It was a really cool experience, very surreal. Felt as if I’d taken a time machine!

      And oh yeah, I can imagine! It’s strange to consider how our current surroundings, furniture, technology and so on will one day be “old school,” and seem strange and quaint to future generations.

      • It’s a little like that already in my house. At one end of my bedroom I have a little office with my desk and shelves. When my kids come in, they ooh and aah at the bizarre ancient technology all around them such as books and CDs.

    • Glad to hear it! When you drive across the Maine border, many of the signs will tell you “Welcome to Maine: The Way Life Should be.”

      It’s a beautiful state with a lot going for it. Probably one of the most underrated states in the country, I think.

  1. Oh God, that’s the King’s home!! I’ve spent so many years obsessing that when/if I ever get to visit America, Maine will be my first stop just because of Sir Stephen 😀 I envy you, mate.

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