As Pale Highway gets closer and closer to seeing the world, I wanted to give you guys a quick heads-up regarding the release dates–yes, two of them! Basically, the ebook and print versions of Pale Highway will be released on different days.

  • Ebook (Kindle, ePub, et cetera): October 20th
  • Paperback: December

Now, there will be a limited number of paperback copies available before December, but those will only be available at book signings, readings, and so on, and will not be online.  The official paperback version of Pale Highway will pop onto Amazon just in time for the holidays.

Apologies to those who are primarily print readers—I’m one of you, I understand!—but this is simply a technical concern, and I promise that the extra month will fly by.


Art by Marco Chiu


8 thoughts on “Prepare for TWO Different Release Dates

  1. Two release dates is all good, more coverage and good for those of us who love an actual book, although i already have my review copy waiting for me on my laptop, so if I forget on the review, remind me about the other release date.

  2. I will wait for the printed version for two reasons. I want to buy it together with The Cage Legacy, and I want my daughter to read them too!

    Thank you for letting us know the release date!

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