I’ve written a new article about Alzheimer’s, this time for the Brain/Body section of HeadStuff.org.  Whereas my last piece was a personal essay, this one is a technical analysis of what Alzheimer’s is, what Alzheimer’s does, and where it comes from.  Check it out below:

HeadStuff.Org: 10 Surprising Facts About Alzheimer’s


Enjoy the read!

Plenty of news coming up in the near future, as Pale Highway‘s \release is now only a few short days away! Hard to believe that it’s almost here after all this time. In any case, I’ll see you all on Tuesday, as Gabriel Schist meets the world.

Have a great weekend!

18 thoughts on “New Alzheimer’s Article on HeadStuff

    • Thank you, and I agree. I feel that it’s been in the news more this last year than before, which is encouraging, but there’s still a long way to go. If we can finally just isolate what actually causes it, then we’ll be on the right track.

  1. My mother died of Alzheimers in 2008 but I don’t believe I am destined to end that way. When she began to have problems, I did research and never did find a good answer. I recently wrote a blog post about why I think my mother got Alzheimers – of course it is just my opinion. It’s on my newest blog: Dustytoes(dot)com. New information about food / diet and the general decline in health of the population has my interest. I absolutely believe that the food we eat has much to do with our overall health.

    • Agreed, there’s definitely not enough out there. I think that as more people become better informed about this terrible disease, the more we can work to improve the living conditions of people who currently live with it.

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