Dover Public Library

Dover Public Library

Hello, fellow New Englanders!

The first official Pale Highway event will be this Monday the 16th at Dover Public Library in the beautiful city of Dover, New Hampshire. The event will begin at 7pm, and I’ll be reading from Pale Highway, talking about Alzheimer’s, and selling advance copies of the paperback.

Yes, that’s right: though the paperback won’t officially hit Amazon until December, I’ll have advance copies on sale just for this event.


More information available at the following links:

96.5: The Mill

In other news, the Pale Highway blog tour will also kick off on Monday, so lots of reviews, interviews and guest posts will be coming soon. More information at Sage’s Blog Tours.

17 thoughts on “Dover Library Book Reading on Monday, November 16th

  1. That was a
    I read Dover and got so excited that my friend could see you.
    Alas he’s in Dover Delaware..and you of course had told me New Hampshire first..
    Haha..who knew I could skip such info.
    But I have picked my smile and enthusiasm up..and wish again.. you a wonderful time tomorrow, Nicholas.
    *raises ceramic mug of joe*
    Cheers!!! 🙂

  2. Congrats Nicholas! I hope you enjoyed the evening. I’m looking forward to buying your book from Amazon.

    Very best wishes from a New England descendant,

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