I think what I love the most about traveling is that it forces you to come face-to-face with yourself, to understand who you really are on the inside when separated from the external, material things that can sometimes define one’s day to day existence.

How so? Consider:

When one is in their regular life, one’s identity can become defined by things. Clothing, possessions, brands, logos, but also routines; the route that one takes on their way to work, the job one works at, the people one interacts with, the plates and silverware that one uses. But when traveling, one is separated from all of these things, and yet on the inside, is somehow still the same entity moving through space, accumulating every new experience into a greater whole.

I’m currently in Fes, Morocco, having one amazing experience after another. I’ll write more about Morocco later, as I have so much to say about the Sahara desert, camels, the souks of Marrakech, and more.

But for now, I want to share some photos from our time in the Netherlands, where we stayed with friends in Amsterdam and Utrecht for four days before coming down to Africa. As usual, most of the photo credit goes to Veronica, who is a far better photographer than I am:

Needless to say, the Netherlands more than lives up to its reputation as a wonderfully warm, friendly country filled with more bicycles than I’ve ever seen before.  I hope to come back again someday soon. In the meantime, I’m going to venture out into Fes, and I’ll talk to you all again soon!


24 thoughts on “Netherlands

  1. Absolutely amazing! I agree, travel does force one out of their comfort zone and opens the eyes. Look forward to reading more about your travels!

  2. What an adventure you and Veronica are on! I’m looking forward to reading Pale Highway. I ordered it from Amazon.ca, which had it a little after the US. Enjoy the journey, Nicholas.

    • I’m excited to hear it, thank you so much! I’m glad that it made it onto Amazon.ca, I was hoping it wouldn’t take too long. Hope you enjoy the read!

      (And yes, we’re definitely on quite an adventure!)

  3. Wow, these photos are mesmerizing, man! I’m so glad you’re having such a fantastic time, and learning about yourself in the process.:) I can’t wait to hear all about your vacation!

  4. Amsterdam is a wonderful city, everybody is so relaxed for the obvious reasons and also just to be away from their lives. It’s interesting how we are defined, I always take my time choosing a book if I plan to read out, so people will think me either sophisticated or intellectual, Spot Goes to the Farm is for my bedtime reading only.

    • Haha yes, I also keep Spot Goes to the Farm tucked under the bed for when no one is looking; I just don’t know if the general populace will comprehend the depth of Spot’s struggle, as he’s quite a complicated character.

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