Happy holidays, everyone! I’m currently enjoying a vacation down in the foothills of North Carolina, where all of the family—which as many of you may remember is quite large, since I grew up as the oldest of five siblings—has gathered together and filled up the entire house, top to bottom.

For this year’s upcycled Christmas tree, we found a dead tree in the woods, preserved it, and turned it into something more colorful. I love the notion of this: taking something that was dead on the ground, and creating something beautiful from it, giving it new life. It’s definitely one of the most unique Christmas trees in memory.


Tonight, we’ll hit the road to New Orleans, where we can finish out the year in celebration of all of the things that have happened since the dawn of 2015. Then we’ll begin the long drive back up to New England.

2015 has been an amazing year, and I hope 2016 is even better. Hope all of you are having a beautiful holiday season, and enjoying whichever holiday you choose to celebrate.


29 thoughts on “Happy holidays!

      • I live in the Raleigh area currently. I’m from SC originally though. About three hours probably from the area you described? I think 🙂

        • You nailed it! Yes, my family has lived in the NC mountains (about an hour from Asheville) since I was in high school. I moved away shortly after my senior year concluded, though I visit back during holidays and such. How do you like the Raleigh area? Back when I lived there I spent a good deal of time in Chapel Hill, but not as much in Raleigh itself.

          • Yes, Chapel Hill is much better than Raleigh as far as the arts are concerned. Raleigh is OK but I don’t think I’ll stay indefinitely.

  1. Greetings, Nicholas, and happy New Year!!
    I am in awe of your repurposed Christmas tree.:) It reminds me of the human condition prior to accepting Christ as our personal savior: spiritually dead and then reborn. Beautiful! I am looking forward to hearing all about your New Orleans trip, and your journey back to NH, of course.

    • Happy New Year Dustin! After a 22+ hour drive from New Orleans back to New Hampshire, I’m feeling quite tired, but extremely happy to have had the experience–as well as the many others that I’ve had in the last year. Hope you and your family had an excellent holiday season!

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