Of course, the mug is only the container for the coffee, the mere vessel through which the world’s greatest beverage may be delivered to us, and thereby nourish our intellect, boldness, and creativity. The mug could just as easily be a glass, a bowl, or a paper cup.

But because of my coffee obsession, I’ve always possessed a strange affinity for mugs. Each one is like a unique friend, each with its own personality quirks, some more likeable than others.


I realize that it’s an odd quirk, and completely ridiculous. As far as friendships go, you can’t get much more one-sided than an inanimate object. I’m very non-materialistic, and I usually try keep as few possessions as I can—other than books, nostalgic tokens or, as it happens, coffee mugs. But I think Nicholson Baker said it best in his short novel The Mezzanine:

“Also, (coffee) mugs, like car bumpers and T-shirts, have become places for people to proclaim allegiances, names, hobbies, heroes, graphic tastes. Since as a rule you have only one of any particular novelty mug, as opposed to a whole arbor of identical cups hanging from hooks in a white Rubbermaid shelf organizer, you develop a fondness for each mug as an individual, and you try to give even the ones you like least a chance to contain your coffee once in a while.”

So what about you guys? Any other mug-lovers out there?


22 thoughts on “Coffee Mugs

  1. I am also a fellow mug collector. I used to collect t-shirts, but couldn’t possibly wear them all. At elast with coffee mugs, if I can’t drink out of them, they can be on display. And I’m an INFP. Where did you get that mug?

    • A good collection of mugs there, all perfectly sized! There are some mugs that are too big and some that are too small, but that size always contains just the right amount of coffee, I think.

      Excited to hear that the books have arrived, let me know when you read them!

  2. Oh yes! I’ve got quite a few mugs I’ve collected over the years. Most are Sci-Fi / Movie themed. I’ve got a few different Doctor Who mugs. I’ve got a black Batman mug, with the bright yellow bat insignia on it, simple but very stylish. Another favourite of my is my Star Trek Deep Space 9 mug, but my most used mug is my Homer Simpson mug. Its white, with Homers face sort of raised in 3D around the side on it, and inside is the inscription around the edge, “if somethings hard to do then its not worth doing.” It always makes me smile that mug when I have a coffee in it 🙂

  3. I’ve been using travel mugs at my desk while I type my life away. The two most often used are huge, gigantic, enormous. Four little regular cups of coffee can easily be poured into these monsters. I, usually, have just three of these cupfuls in one. One is metallic lime green, the other bright metallic gold. I do have the traditional mugs too and they’re all different in one way or another.

    • Sounds like you stay pretty caffeinated! I can relate to the notion of having a few standby favorites; though I love giving every cup a moment to shine, there are definitely a small handful of more “extraverted” cups that get out more.

  4. I don’t believe it strange one bit because I’m convinced that any beverage is better out of a special mug. My collection leans more towards the pottery variety, which I have a difficult time replacing, even when cracked or chipped. Guess I’m sort of like the Mad Hatter in that way…and I’m ok with that. Lovely collection. 🙂

      • We do! I also have this strange tendency to develop feelings for inanimate objects, which I suppose is why they are harder to part with. 🙂

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