Tonight from 6-8pm ET, tune into Portsmouth Community Radio’s TRUE TALES program on WSCA-LP 106.1 FM!

I’ll be one of six storytellers featured in the program, each of us telling true stories relating to this month’s theme of “Frontiers.” In addition, if you tune into the first half hour, they’ll be doing a brief interview of me before the main show starts! The program will also be filmed for television broadcast on Portsmouth Public Media Television.

For those of you who aren’t in New Hampshire, just hop on over to the WSCA website, where you can listen in on 106.1 at any time, 24/7. Wish me luck!



21 thoughts on “Tonight’s Radio Appearance

  1. Good luck Nicholas! I’m sure you’ll be great! I hope I don’t miss it tonight (with the time difference, it’s not always easy to get it right). Do you know if the interview will remain on the website after the live is done? If so, I’ll be sure to check it out even if I miss the live! Love and luck!

  2. Just had a I’ve been a bit under the weather,and missed it. Wow,Nicholas.. how wonderful the story you chose to share. So vivid in ways I dare not say,but blessed she was as were you,to have but a moment of one’s it profound or simply a second of a smile..worth a lifetime..of moments now..entrenched forever in ourselves. Each tear a chuckle a memory, she,still lives..through your story. Lovely

    And yes,a bit freaked out with the shirt fetish..but could be worse.;-)

    “If it be I cannot but write for these limbs not know their purpose,I shall tell you stories of a love in wisp of scented wisteria breath..if it be my words my lips decide to abandon me..will you too? For if my eyes told no more my need to whisper a name that my mind can’t recall..please leave..for the pain too harsh and though I too old to endure..these creaking more..if it be..(continued)

    Stay warm and happy!
    Cheers Nick.. to marvelous souls!

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