I was invited to be one of the guests for Patrick Gale’s “Late Night at Leaven” live show last night, along with comedian Josh Day and Emmett Soldati, the owner of Teatotaller Tea House. It was a great time all around, with lots of laughs, and some excellent drinks courtesy of Leaven, a small gastropub in Somersworth.


Nicholas Conley – author – Pale Highway


I enjoyed a dark coffee stout right from the tap, which was certainly a highlight, though perhaps the biggest highlight of my night was the unexpected moment where they played Pale Highway’s book trailer right before my interview, right on the big screen TV, and with an attentive crowd watching. Quite a thrill!

The show will at some point be online as a podcast, complete with word games, interviews, and more.


Nicholas Conley – Author – Pale Highway

In other news: I’ll be on the radio again soon! This time, I’ll be interviewed for the program Don’t Dis’ My Ability, a disability-themed show that runs on Tuesday from 3:30-4:30PM Eastern Time. New Hampshire residents can tune into WSCA 106.1 FM, while others can check out the website and listen live when it airs.

But if you miss it, don’t fear! A complete video podcast of that program will also be posted online sometime afterward, and I’ll share the link when it is.



12 thoughts on “Late Night at Leaven

  1. Blimey you have been busy, it’s great that you are getting yourself out there and not resting on your laurels. The book trailer is pretty funky and a pint of coffee stout sounds like heaven, I just checked the internet for a Highway pale ale but couldn’t find one so perhaps that could be your next publicity stunt, a free pint with every book sold (and you hold the book signing in the pub as well).

  2. The premise of your book is by far among the best I’ve come across for indie authors. I so wish Pale Highway was available in bookstores near me. I’ve had my own experience in dealing with Alzheimers patients; both my grandad and grandma. They passed away a few years back. I was very close to them that’s why I feel like I’m gonna really connect with this book.:) Congratulations on the continued success Nicholas ❤ You have only great things coming your way!

    • Thank you Abeeha, I really appreciate that! I’m sorry to hear of your grandparents, but glad that you were close to them.

      That’s unfortunate that it isn’t available in bookstores in your area; is it available on Amazon there yet?

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