Tomorrow I’ll be taking a pit stop down in Raleigh, North Carolina for a five author panel signing, courtesy of Red Adept Publishing!

I’ll be joined by fellow authors Karissa Laurel (Midnight Burning), Erica Lucke Dean (Ashes of Life), Jessica Dall (Raining Embers), Jason Parent (Seeing Evil), and Lynn McNamee, the owner extraordinaire of Red Adept Publishing. There will be a question-and-answer panel at 1pm, followed by a book signing. No admission charge!

Any North Carolinians in the area are welcome to stop in. For more information, check out this site.

40 thoughts on “Cameron Village Library: 5 Author Event

    • Interesting read, thanks for sharing it. As an introvert myself (an INFJ, to be precise) I can definitely relate to the nervousness related to publicly displaying one’s work, though I definitely do think it’s a necessity for artists in today’s hyper connected world. In a way, it’s due to the newfound independence that writers have in today’s marketplace: because of that independence, because of the unprecedented accessibility we now have, it means we to be more self-reliant, especially when it comes to promoting our work.

      However! As I stated in my blog some weeks back, the key thing about self-promotion is authenticity. Being true, honest, genuine to one’s passion. It’s more about making real connections with people than anything else.

  1. How I wish I was over your way although soon I may be in the US so may hit you up for your book dates and such if I come anywhere near you which for the mad size of your country is a bit of a lottery (depending on cheap last minute deals that is).

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