Apologies for the brief hiatus in posting: evidently, getting married can be pretty time consuming!


I first met Veronica working in the nursing home, taking care of dementia patients together, and in those early days I got a firsthand look into the warmth, compassion, and vibrancy that I so quickly fell in love with. It was amazing to stand in the present day, five years later, and share this moment in time with her.

As many of you know, I’m the oldest of five siblings, and getting the entire extended family together, combined with Veronica’s family, and all of our friends (I had nine groomsmen, which must be a new record, right?) made for a busy and wonderful couple of weeks.

But time doesn’t slow down, and more events are coming soon. Up next? My radio play, Something in the Nothing, had its rehearsal last night, and will premiere live on Portsmouth Community Radio (and on their website) this Tuesday. Talk soon, friends!



32 thoughts on “Just Married

  1. Congratulations. May you both share a lifetime of joy, love and happiness. Can I just say two things: (1) this is one of those times WordPress absolutely NEEDS a “love” button (“like” seems too inadequate and (2) I was particularly touched by this phrase in your vows: …”barely sketched but beautiful outline.” So sweet and so touching. Well done❣️

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