This is me as a kid: shy but hopeful, nervous but always ambitious. I loved storytelling from the beginning, always thrilling to the elaborate fantasy scenarios that I played out with my younger brother, and then with my first friends at school. It was in elementary school that I first discovered writing, and I’ve been passionate about it every since.

As this picture reminds me, I also always loved  “creepy-crawly” creatures like earthworms, spiders, bats, praying mantises, and lizards. No surprise there.

Maybe that explains those slugs in Pale Highway



14 thoughts on “Creepy-Crawlies

  1. Now it all comes together! I thought there may be a slug theme throughout the rest of your books that had us all guessing about the Big Secret…glad that’s cleared up it would have left me with so much imagined subtext to your work otherwise.

  2. Love this picture. I see my sons. My boys love to write. Two want to be writers when they grow up. I used to try and change their minds. Now, I encourage them by buying notebooks for scribbled stories and illustrations. Thanks for reminding me why it’s important.

    • That’s wonderful to hear, thank you; the imagination that kids possess is truly an amazing thing. Make sure and keep some of the old notebooks! I lost almost all of mine from back then, and would’ve loved to have them today.

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