So there is this meme going around Twitter right now, wherein participants are asked to “describe yourself in three fictional characters.” Aside from the fact that this whole thing feels kind of like something hearkening back to the old Myspace bulletin days, it’s a fun concept: one of the amazing things about fiction is that it allows us to empathize with a vast array of different characters, and this meme is at its most interesting if participants choose three characters whom each embody different sides of one’s personality.

As a novelist, it’d be unfair for me to pick any characters that I’ve created in my own work, as that makes it too easy. So instead I’ll pick the following three, each one from a different medium:

  • Desmond from Lost
  • Charles Xavier from X-Men
  • Roland Deschain from Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels

All three of these characters are dramatically different from each other, but therein lies the fun: personalities are complex, multifaceted, and full of contradictions.

So what about you guys? Who are your three characters?



15 thoughts on “Describe Yourself in Three Fictional Characters

  1. Nice picks! Desmond had a good story, after the initial episodes, I really warmed to him. Roland is a brilliant character so mysterious in The Gunslinger and then developing into a character with hidden depth. As for me…I’d go Daffy Duck, Donald Trump’s air (the ultimate work of fiction) and maybe Bilbo Baggins in the sense of having no clue what is going on but attempting to live up to what people think I am.

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