There’s a reason that places like Portland, Phoenix, Denver, and the state of Vermont have all moved to rename Columbus Day. Aside from the moral necessity of having a day to recognize the indigenous peoples of the Americas, it’s also because Christopher Columbus is far from the heroic figure that he’s all too often painted as; I won’t go into a long diatribe about his many violent and terrible actions — there are plenty of articles online, for those curious to research the matter — but instead, will simply agree with the growing consensus that today’s holiday should honor not him, but the people who were on the American continents to begin with.

So happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day to all, and celebrate it however you wish! Cheers, and I hope all of you have a great day (at least, those among you who are on this continent; for all of you guys overseas, enjoy your Monday!).


4 thoughts on “Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

  1. Living in Denver, I can assure you that Columbus Day celebrations have been the cause of great concern and consternation for years. Hopefully changing to Indigenous People’s Day is a step in the right direction. Time will tell.

  2. Violence transcends all peoples of all nations including the indigenous people, so perhaps the best reason is “they were here first”.
    They were violently over run.and they fought back violently. They, like all cultures,have moments in their own history where they fought among themselves. Did horrible things to one another. It wasn’t until the “white man” which included, all Europeans that vied to conquer, that they banned together against this foreign element. My great great grandmother was Cherokee on one side (who changed her name to hide that fact) and on the other side there’s Apache.

    • Very true points, worth stating. I think the particularly ugly thing about Columbus Day itself is really the veneration of Christopher Columbus, specifically, a figure who by himself committed many dehumanizing actions upon others while doing nothing so “good” that he would ever deserve such an exaggeratedly honored place in history.

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