A person’s life is built from so many puzzle pieces, each of them connecting to each other in a handful of different ways. You can’t remove any piece from a puzzle, even if a new one replicates its basic shape and intention. There’s something mythical, weird, and surreal about taking the time to look back on an old puzzle piece, and remembering why it’s so important to you, so specific to your life experience.

This last week, we’ve taken a vacation back to California, which is both my birthplace and the place where I first took off to on my own journey of adulthood, to visit family, rediscover memories, and make new ones. It’s been a great time so far; a particular highlight for me is always going back to Hermosa Beach, where my dad lived in the years before he died.

Today, we’re going to shoot off to Northern California, and continue the journey. I don’t have too long to write here, as I’m about to hit the road again in a few minutes, but wanted to stop in, say hi, and wish all of you regular readers an amazing week.

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