Happy New Year! Hope you all had an amazing switchover from 2016 to 2017. To ring in the New Year on this end, I’d like to get started by showing my excitement at some of the reviews for my new release, Clay Tongue: A Novelette. Getting the opportunity to read a review of one’s work is truly one of the most thrilling parts of being a writer, and here’s a bit of what Clay Tongue‘s reviewers have to say so far.

Clay Tongue Nicholas Conley fantasy

First off, we have Steve Johnson of Book to the Future:

“The feeling of childish and adult fears mixed together in a child’s mind is a very delicate theme to navigate, as well as ideas of existence, the cost of it and of how we value life.  It is a powerful cross-section of themes, a mix which is always done well by Conley.”

Over on Goodreads, C. S. Wilde had this to say:

“This story is as gentle as a snowflake and yet, so very powerful. Nicholas Conley has the ability to touch even the darkest hearts with his stories.”

Clay Tongue fantasy novelette Nicholas Conley

Marian Thorpe took the time to add her thoughts:

“A lovely story of hope and the power of love and belief in what is right, rather than easy. It would be a good story to read out loud to the assembled family over the holiday season.

Then we have J.L. Gribble:

The gorgeous cover to this novelette is a perfect match for the beautiful language and sweet story contained within. This short tale is well worth checking out for a quick escape.

And finally, we have Misti Pyles of My Trending Stories, who says:

“Clay Tongue isn’t very long, but has plenty of room to draw the reader into Katie’s tale. Katie’s just a kid, but her view of the world is bigger—and far more clear—than the adults in her life. Her love for her grandfather is fierce, as is his for her. There is magic in the pages of this story; magic both large and small, as well as love, hope, and vision.”

Clay Tongue novelette Nicholas Conley fantasy

Off to a great start, I’d say! Clay Tongue is available on Amazon, as both a paperback and an ebook. Hope you all continue having a terrific New Year.


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