The travel siren has called out once again. It’s been almost a year since going to Morocco, and it’s time to head across the world again.

After getting married last August, we decided to hold off on doing the honeymoon immediately; since we already love traveling to distant locations as often as possible, we decided to plan out something special, a longer trip, and we decided that the place to go was Thailand.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be jetting off to Bangkok, and then heading to northern Thailand, where we’ll spend the rest of the month exploring as much of the country as we possibly can. Will post pictures as soon as I get a chance, but in the meantime, we have bags to pack, lists to check off, and a flight to catch. Hope all of you are doing well; let me know if anything exciting happens, and we’ll talk again soon!



15 thoughts on “Off to Thailand!

  1. I’m off to Thailand too! Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and some other places i haven’t decided yet. Would you believe it’s actually cheaper to travel around Thailand for a month, staying in 2 and 3* hotels, return air fare included, than it is to stay on a cold, miserable council estate in north London for a month?

    • Hahaha yes, definitely believe it! Just the short time I spent in London was more expensive than I could have imagined.

      We’re still figuring out some parts of our itinerary, but definitely Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and hopefully exploring a lot of the north.

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