As any creative professional knows, the zone where you create things is your castle. Some people have roaming workstations, while others need a specific spot at a specific time, but there’s always a place where the magic happens — whether it’s a physical location, a psychological one, or (most likely) both. It’s the same for all forms of creative passion: we all have our desks, our studios, our work tables, or whatever else we may need.

For me, while I do enjoy getting some work done in local coffee shops every so often, the primary place where the writing happens is in my office, at home. Whenever I sit down here, as I am now, I feel a sense of purpose, belonging, a focus. With a mug of coffee in hand, I feel ready to conquer the next manuscript before me.

Longtime readers will recognize little touches like the Spider-Man poster and the coffee mug; the desk is never complete without that mug there and filled with hot coffee, as you might imagine. The dinosaur is an old childhood relic that reminds me of my father, and which has been on my desk for over 10 years. It has taken on increasing importance over the years, as childhood relics tend to do. As for those “slugs” roaming around the plant… well, those are the marvelous creation of my endlessly creative wife Veronica, and readers of Pale Highway will know why they’re there.

But let’s not stop with me. What about you guys? What sort of creative workstation/s do you have? Let’s hear about ’em!


17 thoughts on “My Writing Space

    • Haha, I hear you! I’ll admit, I’ve been in that situation before as well. These days, I’m totally obsessed about keeping my desk area organized; I go crazy trying to find stuff if it isn’t.

  1. Nice set up you have for writing, my desk is similar actually. I look out over the garden, which is nice. My desk is tidy at times, but when I get busy or start a new project, it gets a bit cluttered. I’ve got a boba fett mug that I keep my pens in, and a hellraiser bobble head 🙂

  2. Awesome space! I love to see where people are most inspired. When it comes to writing, I am most productive at coffee shops. Too many distractions at home. I do have a super special workspace at home but I use it mostly for crafting.

    • Thank you, appreciate that! Coffee shops are great, I agree; when I’m not working in my office, I’m working in a coffee shop (I’m actually at one right now). What is the crafting space like?

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