I just brewed a pour over coffee, and as I’m enjoying it, I thought I’d look back on one of my favorite blog posts from back in 2015. I’ll probably list some new moments one of these days, since there’s been quite a few in the last two years.

But what about all of you? What are your top Coffee Moments?™

Nicholas Conley

Nicholas Conley's mysterious coffee obsession.

Before we begin, I should probably answer the obvious question:  what in Sam Hill are these so-called Coffee Moments™?

And to that, my reply is this: Coffee Moments™ are those special experiences, those memorable stories from our past, that will always contain the line “and as it all happened, I was drinking a cup of coffee.”

Coffee Moments™ can be thrilling, sentimental, scary and/or victorious.  Maybe your favorite Coffee Moment™ was sitting in that diner with your future spouse, on your first date.  Maybe it was the coffee you took with you to that interview where you finally landed your dream job.  Maybe it was the coffee you drank when you finally got into the college you most wanted to get into.  Perhaps it was even a cup you sipped while fixing up your first car.

Coffee Moments™ can be anything, to anyone, as long as these moments contain…

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8 thoughts on “Look Back: Top 5 Coffee Moments™

  1. As it happens, I’m enjoying a fabulous second cup myself in what I call an editor’s meeting (which means Sam is draped across my lap wagging his tail all the while alternatively looking at me and the laptop screen-silly dog). 😊

  2. Wow, such details about coffee. My parents didn’t allow me to drink coffee until I was a teenager. Supposedly because I would stay short. Well, I’m still a small woman. Lol I love coffee in the mornings even before breakfast, and to keep me company when I need to stay up finish writing essays or creative writing projects.

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