I originally wrote this last year, but still relevant today:

Nicholas Conley

(Note: I originally posted this on Medium)
In the United States, healthcare has been one of the biggest political battles of the decade. As a healthcare worker myself, it’s an issue that strikes close to home. My years of experience caring for people with dementia, traumatic brain injuries, tetraplegia, cancer, and more has given me a firsthand look into what our healthcare system is like at the ground level, and it’s a different world from the vague concepts that politicians volley back and forth at each other.
Healthcare shouldn’t be a messy political fight to begin with: it’s an issue of basic human rights. And what all too often gets lost in these scuffles are the people most in need.
Our police forces, fire departments, libraries, and even our military are all socialist institutions. Few people would argue for the idea of a private fire department that refuses to…

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10 thoughts on “REBLOG: Why the United States Should Have Universal Healthcare

      • That’s true. I get a little confused with all the information. And you’re right about the pre-existing conditions. They exist because it’s a liability for the insurance companies, which treats ppl like a business option. I really haven’t seen any good Healthcare deal up to this date where it benefits everyone.

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss this topic further. I think there is a divide in what people understand about our healthcare versus universal healthcare. I hope people took away relevant and necessary information from this article!

    • Thanks Alexander, I appreciate hearing your thoughts! Yes, I think there are a lot of misunderstandings going on about healthcare today, but I do genuinely believe most people would embrace a universal system if/when it is explained properly.

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