Good morning, everyone!

So, I’m happy to share that I’ve joined up with the writers of For those who haven’t read Grunge before, it’s a quality site, dedicated to diving deep into pools of weird information, exploring unknown facts, and correcting common misconceptions. Since I’ve always had the sort of brain that’s hungry to explore any corner of knowledge I find myself in, I’m having a great time.

Here are a few of my pieces so far. Thanks for giving ’em a read!

Weird Things That Medical TV Shows Always Get Wrong

House MD nicholas conley

Strange Facts You Never Knew About Twins

twins nicholas conley

Clever Movies That Trick You With Double Plot Twists

arrival nicholas conley

Animals That Evolved to Defend Themselves Against Humans

animals evolved nicholas conley


12 thoughts on “Writing for

  1. Oh my! What a way to spend the morning getting educated. I got through three topics and skimming others before realizing I hadn’t dressed yet, walked the dog or eaten anything. Big smile. I dated an identical twin once and one of them thought he’d fool me, but I figured it out and enjoyed the switch before the other one came out and separated us. It was just a kiss under the mistletoe. LOL

    • Hahaha, great story! Glad to know these pieces helped brighten your morning! Twins are fascinating. As it happens, I’m from a line of twins myself; my grandmother was a twin, my mother was a twin, and I actually had a vanished twin in the womb. So, always been interested in the subject!

      • I had a miscarriage once, they found no fetus when one had been present the week before. My doctor told me that had it been a girl, he said a boy fetus would not have been assimilated. Apparently, the fetus was absorbed by my body, which I didn’t know possible. This was 37 years ago, yet I did not doubt him at all. Why, I don’t know. No twins in my family but the theory of absorption seems logical. It does open p many other questions, doesn’t it?

      • Oh, I forgot, my son was told by a therapist that he’d had a vanished twin and that, that in part was why he perhaps felt so incomplete and lost sometimes. Again, the multitude of questions arise from such theories.

  2. Loved reading your piece on Weird Things that Medical Shows Always Get Wrong. The dramatization or romanization of the medical world can even be quite funny at times. Looking forward to reading your other pieces.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed–and I hope you enjoy the other pieces as well! The Medical Shows article was a lot of fun to write, though it’s definitely a subject that I do think is really important: having worked in healthcare myself, these misconceptions can play a big role in what patients expect, so correcting them in future medical shows would do a lot of good.

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