Extraterrestrial aliens have always fascinated me, and that interest is one of the big factors that inspired me to write my upcoming science fiction novel, Intraterrestrial.

When I say “aliens,” I don’t mean just the bumpy-headed ones in Star Trek, either, but also the standard grey guys, the glowing surreal ones, and even the weird lights in the sky. I spent most of my earliest years in Sedona, Arizona, which calls itself an international “dark-sky community” because of low light pollution: basically, that means that when you stare up into those desert skies, you see an absolutely mind-blowing array of stars.

I looked up into those stars a lot, when I was young. And I wondered, just like everyone wonders.

Ufo flying saucer nicholas conley aliens

While I’ve never actually seen any evidence in my own lifetime that convinced me of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth, I’ve always kept my mind open to whatever new twist might come around the corner. After all, to rule out the possibility would be arrogance. Hey, you never know.

One thing is for sure: whether they’ve ever been here to Earth or not, there definitely has to be something out there. There are a lot of planets throughout the universe, so to think that we’re all alone would be the height of solipsism. The question is what, exactly, another living species that evolved under completely different conditions would really be like —  and that’s a question that I set out to explore in Intraterrestrial.

Intraterrestrial Nicholas Conley sci-fi book aliens tbi brain injury

There’s still some time before Intraterrestrial starts ramping up for its release date, and as that time approaches, we’ll keep talking some more about aliens, what sort of form they might take, and so on.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in reading more of my thoughts on a certain major UFO conspiracy, I have an article out on Grunge that dissects the infamous “Roswell Incident,” studying how it started, how it grew after the release of the supposedly classified “Majestic 12” incident, and what the official word on it is. If you’re interested, give it a read here: The Untold Truth of Roswell

Let’s back up a bit, though, because aliens weren’t always such a cultural zeitgeist. Once upon a time, some strange events set off the UFO craze as we know it. In order to track America’s alien obsession all the way down to its glowing green roots, we’re going back to the 1940s, on the day when a bizarre crash landing forever redefined Roswell, then just an everyday city in New Mexico. Here’s the full story.

Read More: http://www.grunge.com/93986/untold-truth-roswell/?utm_campaign=clip

Roswell alien nicholas conley

Also, readers! I’m interested to hear from you.

What do you guys think about the possibility of extraterrestrial life? Have you ever seen a UFO, yourself? If so, share your stories!


12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Aliens, UFOS, and All That

    • That’s true, it’s always possible that we could have “seen” something and not realized it, misinterpreted it, and so on. So you do believe that something/someone/etc. has been visiting us for centuries?

  1. Hi, first time here on this channel …. i felt un -human since early childhood, it was wrong , the world frighted me,humans frighted me ! but hey ….. i was just at the right place to experience a coaster life a hard vivid, unreal , cruel, sadistic, fragile and yet wonderful multi diverse world , sex , love, hate ,war, survival etc….I remember the star wars opening and the huge star destroyer chasing “leas ‘ s ” vehicle , it left me speechless and in tears ! for the first time i felt where i belong – SPACE- but do not miss understand me , i feel great here though… i met a few strangers, had a few sightings myself and live a happy life as bad as i can . hopefully i am not to extreme to your channel and thank you for sharing ur life with us “world” s cheers

  2. hope it does not sound stupid ! i have been on tv with my beliefs and certain perspectives on why or how …. as it could just be a a genetic memory of a cellular life in space before my existence on earth, star dust is what we all r ! and since every cell in our body is a hologram of all our genetic predecessors, it could just be that -nothing alien nothing more- just a little malfunctioning in my genetic make up that made me think that i belong in space and so came to a conclusion that i might have lived as a alien …. know whatta mean 😉 have to buy a book of urs

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