It’s hard to forget the story of Benjaman Kyle, the man found unconscious by a dumpster with no identity, no past, and no way to recover it. Benjaman Kyle’s bizarre tale blew up across the internet for years (I wrote about him here, for instance), as countless people tried to help figure out his identity, or at least get him some form of identification.

Well, in 2015, Benjaman Kyle’s true identity was discovered: William “Bill” Powell. And his past is an interesting tale unto itself.

For those who are interested in reading more about Benjaman’s story, I recently wrote a piece on him for Grunge. Check it out below:

The crazy true story of the guy who lost his memory

Benjaman Kyle Bill Powell


4 thoughts on “Benjaman Kyle: The Crazy True Story of the Guy Who Lost His Memory

  1. I just put my mind to thinking how it would be if I didn’t have an identity and a past… and yet each moment we recall what we think is “our” identity and “our” past, is it? We think therefore we are? What proof have we really got, only that of what we think? Here is here and now is now… What drum do we bang and why? One thing for now is that we are part of here and part of the now and surely we can make the most of it and be the most authentic, the most natural and peaceful within this precious moment, upon this beloved planet, with other sentient beings…

    • Thanks for posting this! Yes, the concept of “identity” is an interesting one, which is in some senses more of a framing device than a solid reality. Our “identity” is composed of our likes/dislikes, but I think it’s also generally composed of our “stories:” where we came from, how we got that way, et cetera. Even on a purely physical level, only one in ten of the trillions of cells contained in the human body is actually “human,” with the vast majority belonging to the various microorganisms, bacteria, et cetera that live inside us, and in a sense, outnumber us,
      (, so there are a lot of interesting factors to consider, when looking at a deeper level.

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