This past month, I was honored with the opportunity to appear on the second season premiere of the local NH television program, True Tales Live.  As with the True Tales radio program that preceded it, True Tales Live seeks to give storytellers the opportunity to share actual stories from their life.

For this episode of True Tales Live, I shared my story, “Day One,” where I delve back into my early days working in a nursing home, as a nursing aide on a longterm care unit, and how that experience changed my views, my perception, and my way of trying to be there for other people.

Though the series can be watched on local TV in the NH area, everyone else can check it out here on the official True Tales YouTube! My section begins around 46:50, in the video below:


Other storytellers in this episode include Arnie Alpert, Emilie Spaulding, Gail Licciardello, Joanne Piazzi, and Annette Slattery. Definitely worth watching, and to everyone behind the scenes, thank you for putting this program together.

5 thoughts on “True Tales Live: “Day One” (Video)

  1. Total immersion…and not in a good way. ☺️ Thank you for sharing your ‘day one’ experience and bless you for your work. Congrats on being able to share a bit of the under belly of healthcare. Hopefully sharing stories like that will make a difference in the overall delivery of healthcare in a profit driven environment to implement significant improvements.

  2. I will watch the whole thing when time permits but with regards to your baptism of fire, it must have been hard but so rewarding. It is shameful that we put the care of old people in the hands of people just wanting to make money.

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