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This past month, I was honored with the opportunity to appear on the second season premiere of the local NH television program, True Tales Live.  As with the True Tales radio program that preceded it, True Tales Live seeks to give storytellers the opportunity to share actual stories from their life.

For this episode of True Tales Live, I shared my story, “Day One,” where I delve back into my early days working in a nursing home, as a nursing aide on a longterm care unit, and how that experience changed my views, my perception, and my way of trying to be there for other people.

Though the series can be watched on local TV in the NH area, everyone else can check it out here on the official True Tales YouTube! My section begins around 46:50, in the video below:

Other storytellers in this episode include Arnie…

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2 thoughts on “REBLOG: True Tales Live: “Day One” (Video)

  1. I love your honesty. “I was totally not prepared”…
    So true about the homes I surveyed 25 homes in five counties near us before I placed my mother, for all the reasons you mentioned. Even in her dementia, she was acutely aware of urine smells and cleanliness. The home she stayed in the longest had an educational program that basically taught us what you learned your first day. The one thing they mentioned to us is that if mother was a stranger to us, we would have figured that out, but as family, we have history that clouds how we respond. I loved learning that and that it’s not personal. Even so, when she came to live with us, there’s was still that adjustment period.
    What a wonderful post. So good to see and hear you. I look forward to more.

    • Thank you for this. It says a lot that you went to the work of surveying 25 homes in five counties, trying to find the best place. Though the systemic issues exist across the country, there are definitely individual facilities that put a lot more work into ensuring the best possible situations for their residents. Thanks so much for your comment!

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