I thought I could fix my Alzheimer’s patients. I learned to help them instead.

Alzheimer's - Vox - Nicholas Conley

My first day in a nursing home was one of the most traumatic events of my life. I’d taken all the classes. I’d done the required clinical internship. I had the knowledge and the firsthand experience. But nothing prepared me for that first day on the floor.

It was a madhouse. Nurses were scrambling everywhere. Residents were constantly calling for help, ringing their call bells, but the workers were too busy jumping between patients to answer them. Many patients were unable to help themselves, even in small ways. Personal hygiene wasn’t optimal.

It wasn’t because the nurses were apathetic or incompetent. Trust me when I say that the people I worked with were some of the kindest, most giving people I’ve ever met. But the whole system is a chaotic mess; the result of a structure meant to warehouse people, where patient interests and business interests are often in conflict … READ MORE.

8 thoughts on “I thought I could fix my Alzheimer’s patients. I learned to help them instead.

  1. Nicholas, thank you for sharing your caring experience with Alzheimer’s patients. I worked in Geriatric Behavioral Health inpatient for many years. As a nurse manager & NP I can understand everything you went through to get to just caring for the patients. Family members & friends could benefit from reading this! I’m certain you have addressed this in your book. 📚🎶 Christine

  2. Excellent read! I like the way you wrote it. I’ve recently finished a blog series on Accepting Alzheimer’s, it’s worth a read if you’re interested!

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