When aliens come to Earth, they get studied at Area 51 … or, at least, that’s what some people will tell you. Is is true? Well, there’s no question that this creepy government facility in the middle of the Nevada desert, officially called Groom Lake, has kept many secrets locked up in its vaults. So far, though, there’s been no proof that a bunch of little green extraterrestrials are one of them.

That hasn’t stopped people from speculating about — or threatening to “naruto run” into — the guarded facility, and considering that it took over a half-century for the U.S. government to even admit that Area 51 existed, you can’t blame folks for not trusting the official story. What can be confirmed about Area 51, for sure, is that it’s a place of high-tech military tests and shady cover-ups, the likes of which you would normally only find in an episode of Stranger Things. Here’s what we know about Area 51.

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7 thoughts on “Grunge: The untold truth of Area 51

  1. I have a brother in law who is really fanatical about this stuff and I believe intends to be a part of that “naruto run”. He loves house sitting for us because our horizon allows him to bring his telescope to search the stars from.

  2. Fair play to the enterprising locals who started all these Area 51 rumours in the first place. Although I am slightly puzzled to have not come across any stories about alien ghosts haunting local houses, that would make a killing over two markets!

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