REBLOG: Cluttered Bookcase? The Benefits of Horizontal Stacking

Been a few years, but still relevant!

Ah, the conundrum of book storage. While many have jumped onto the “all e-reader, all the time” bandwagon, casting aside the dead tree paperbacks of the past for those newfangled digital tablets, there is still a sizable number of people who prefer the look, feel, and experience of actual books (disclaimer: I’m one of them). If you like reading books, the chances are that you also like displaying those books in a place where, presumably, others can look through and admire your truly exceptional reading taste.

But what if the shelf is too small for the number of books you have on it? Or what if you just keep reading more and more books, resulting in your entire living room turning into the world’s most disorganized library?

Well, here’s my proposed solution: stack your books horizontally, instead of vertically.

READ MORE: Cluttered Bookcase? The Benefits of Horizontal Stacking

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5 thoughts on “REBLOG: Cluttered Bookcase? The Benefits of Horizontal Stacking

  1. I’ve found if there’s some space between books on shelves they don’t look quite as cluttered. I’ve always started culling a number of books after reading them. The library has many so I no longer feel compelled to collect them. 😉

  2. That’s me! I have them in like a puzzle. Mine are turn of the last century before tree conservation was an issue or concern, so I don’t feel guilty having them. lol 😊

  3. I missed this first time around so thanks for the reblog. I remember hearing once that stacking books horizontally would make the spint slant. Not sure where I came across that but not I have to stack everything vertically, just in case. I like you collection of books, King and Dante make good bed fellows.

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