As a novelist, every story I’ve ever written contains its own personal journey — its own snapshot of feelings, memories, and catharsis. While there are many unforgettable moments along a story’s path from loosely sketched idea to fully formed book, there’s something uniquely special about those moments where you share it with the world. And so — after an initial release in serialized form on Vella — I’m thrilled to announce that the full edition of Ending Forever, my newest book, will be heading your way soon! 

The ebook edition will arrive on May 10, and the paperback soon afterward.

As far as what it’s about? Well…

Ending Forever

By Nicholas Conley

Axel Rivers can’t get his head above water. Throughout his life, he’s worn many hats—orphan, musician, veteran, husband, father—but a year ago, a horrific event he now calls The Bad Day tore down everything he’d built. Grief-stricken, unemployed, and drowning in debt, Axel needs cash, however he can find it.

Enter Kindred Eternal Solutions. Founded by the world’s six wealthiest trillionaires and billionaires, Kindred promises to create eternal life through mastering the science of human resurrection. With the technology still being developed, Kindred seeks paid volunteers to undergo tests that will kill and resurrect their body—again and again—in exchange for a check.

Axel signs up willingly, but when he undergoes the procedure—and comes back, over and over—what will he find on the other side of death?

Ending Forever Nicholas Conley

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