Intraterrestrial Pale Highway Clay Tongue Cage Legacy books paperback Nicholas Conley author sci-fi

Joining the Stack!

Thanks to a cosmic UFO mail delivery, the Intraterrestrial paperbacks are now available! Finally, young Adam gets to claim his own spot on the self alongside Gabriel (Pale Highway), Katie (Clay Tongue: A Novelette), and Ethan (The Cage Legacy).

It’s interesting to imagine what the conversations would be like, if all of them were in the same room: aliens, slugs, golems, and more would certainly come up. Plus, how would they feel about this strange “author” fellow, the invisible figure who seems to keep orchestrating such painful and disastrous circumstances for them? Hmm…

Intraterrestrial: Available on Amazon

Intraterrestrial Pale Highway Clay Tongue Cage Legacy books paperback Nicholas Conley author sci-fi

True Tales Live Nicholas Conley speech story nursing home day one tv

True Tales Live: “Day One” (Video)

This past month, I was honored with the opportunity to appear on the second season premiere of the local NH television program, True Tales Live.  As with the True Tales radio program that preceded it, True Tales Live seeks to give storytellers the opportunity to share actual stories from their life.

For this episode of True Tales Live, I shared my story, “Day One,” where I delve back into my early days working in a nursing home, as a nursing aide on a longterm care unit, and how that experience changed my views, my perception, and my way of trying to be there for other people.

Though the series can be watched on local TV in the NH area, everyone else can check it out here on the official True Tales YouTube! My section begins around 46:50, in the video below:


Other storytellers in this episode include Arnie Alpert, Emilie Spaulding, Gail Licciardello, Joanne Piazzi, and Annette Slattery. Definitely worth watching, and to everyone behind the scenes, thank you for putting this program together.

Special Deal: Get Pale Highway Today for Only $.99 Cents!

From today through Saturday, Red Adept Publishing will be running a special deal on the e-book edition of Pale Highway, and it’s a good one. If you get in fast, you can pick up Pale Highway for as little as $.99 cents.

A killer deal, if I do say so — and as the coffee obsessive that I am, I can’t help but point out that $.99 cents is less than a cup of coffee.

So, if there was ever a time to feed your Kindle with Pale Highway, now is it. Pick it up on Amazon today, get a coffee to go with it, and then enter the Alzheimer’s-afflicted world of Gabriel Schist, Victor, Bright New Day, and all of those weird little talking slugs that everyone keeps mentioning.

Pale Highway - Nicholas Conley

Gabriel Schist is spending his remaining years at Bright New Day, a nursing home. He once won the Nobel Prize for inventing a vaccine for AIDS. But now, he has Alzheimer’s, and his mind is slowly slipping away.

When one of the residents comes down with a horrific virus, Gabriel realizes that he is the only one who can find a cure. Encouraged by Victor, an odd stranger, he convinces the administrator to allow him to study the virus. Soon, reality begins to shift, and Gabriel’s hallucinations interfere with his work.

As the death count mounts, Gabriel is in a race against the clock and his own mind. Can he find a cure before his brain deteriorates past the point of no return?

Novel #3 News

Big news on Novel #3: I’ve officially contracted with Red Adept Publishing, the same publishing company that brought you Pale Highway!

Still too early for an actual release date, but for now, let’s assume that Novel #3 will be heading your way probably sometime in 2017. What is the title? What is it going to be about? Oh, just wait. It’s a weird one. All I will say is that it’s a science fiction story, and it deals with traumatic brain injuries. But hey, if you thought Pale Highway was a strange book, oh boy…


In the meantime, Pale Highway is still on Amazon, and is now celebrating its one year anniversary. To make sure you guys have something new in the meantime, that short-short novelette I mentioned a few months back should be on its way before the year is over, probably in December. More news coming soon!

Leopard Printed Slug Pale Highway Nicholas Conley

Happy Birthday Pale Highway

After all of the time I spent putting this book together, thinking about it, talking about it… it’s hard to believe that as of today, Pale Highway – a novel about life, death, and Alzheimer’s disease – is now celebrating its first birthday. Seriously, it’s been a year already? Crazy!

Though my essays on Vox, Huffington Post,, and so on have described my own personal experience working in the dementia unit of a nursing home, Pale Highway is the work that most fully encapsulates everything I believe about the importance of honoring those with Alzheimer’s, not just as patients, but as human beings.

For those of you who have been along with me on this wild, wacky ride since the beginning, thank you for your support, and thank you for taking the time to read my rather strange tale of a demented old genius, an incurable disease, a search for identity, and some talking slugs.

For those newcomers out there who haven’t yet hopped aboard “the pale highway”… when could be a better time than now, on its first birthday? Trust me, you’re in for a unique trip.

Cheers, everyone. And happy birthday, Pale Highway!


PALE HIGHWAY – Winner of the 2015 Preditors & Editors Award for Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel – now one year old, and still available on Paperback and Kindle!

Pale Highway - Nicholas Conley

Pale Highway – Nicholas Conley –

Something in the Nothing: Listen Now!

I’m happy to say that the world premiere of Something in the Nothing on WSCA was a rousing success! From beginning to end, it was an exceptional production, with fantastic ambiance, sound effects, and the talented cast of Erika Wilson, John Pearson, Jessica Rainville, Jessie Duthrie, David Phreaner, and Suzy Manzi.

Something in the Nothing - Nicholas Conley

Something in the Nothing – Nicholas Conley

But don’t just take my word for it: listen to it yourself!

For those of you who weren’t able to tune in during the premiere, don’t worry: you can now listen to Something in the Nothing online. Either listen to the Audio Theater archive for 08-23-2016 on, or just use the video file below:


Huge thanks to everyone at WSCA for putting this show together, particularly directors John Lovering and Jon Nash, the latter of whom is pictured here on the right.

Something in the Nothing - WSCA - Erika Wilson, Nicholas Conley, Jon Nash

Something in the Nothing – WSCA – Erika Wilson, Nicholas Conley, Jon Nash



The cast of WSCA’s premiere of Something in the Nothing: A Radio Play includes John Pearson, David Phreanor, Jessie Duthrie, Suzy Manzi, Jessica Rainville, Erika Wilson




Something in the Nothing: A Radio Play about Alzheimer’s – Premiering Next Tuesday on 106.1 FM!

Next Tuesday, August 23rd, Portsmouth Community will air a live performance of my radio play, Something in the Nothing, on 106.1 FM in New Hampshire.

Drawn from the same experiences that fueled my novel, Pale Highway, Something in the Nothing is set in a nursing home, and tells the story of a conversation between an Alzheimer’s patient and his caregiver — a conversation that will have a dramatic impact upon both of their lives, forever.

Something in the Nothing - Nicholas Conley

Something in the Nothing – Nicholas Conley

Something in the Nothing will star the voices of actors John Pearson, Erika Wilson, Jessica Rainville, Jessie Duthrie, David Phreaner, and Suzy Manzi. Fellow New Hampshirities can tune in at 6:30 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, August 23rd to hear it live – and those of you who are outside New Hampshire can listen to it live on the WSCA website, or if you aren’t available on the night of the broadcast, just give it a listen later on in the site’s Audio Theater archives!

I went to see the rehearsal on Wednesday night, and all I can say is that it blew me away: the sound design, the ambiance, and the performances of these actors have taken my script and created a truly heartfelt, beautiful production out of it. The people involved in making this are dedicating all of their tremendous talent to put together something truly remarkable, and I can’t wait to see the final production.