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vox nicholas conley alzheimers

I thought I could fix my Alzheimer’s patients. I learned to help them instead. 


Truthout Nicholas Conley

Why the US Should Have Universal Healthcare

The GOP’s Health Care Plan: “Universal” Access for the Wealthy

Everything After Z


Fosters daily democrat nicholas conley dover new hampshire old newspaper

A night to cheer for Rochester Community Ed grads 


Eastern Bank Nicholas Conley social justice Join us for Good progressive

MIRA: Helping Refugees in Massachusetts

Carol Fulp: Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Future

National Suicide Prevention Month

Celebrating International Human Rights Day, Today and Every Day

Vanessa Calderón-Rosado: Paving the Way for Latina Leaders

PTSD Awareness Day on June 27th

2018 Midterm Elections: Massachusetts Votes YES to Question 3

Disabled American Veterans Helps Vets and Family

Paula Johnson Honored with Social Justice Award

Join in! For Good This August

World Mental Health Day


Huffington Post HuffPost Nicholas ConleyThe Reality of Nursing Homes

Climate change threatens to open America’s extremely radioactive nuclear tomb 

The problematic truth about the origins of the Electoral College

The dark truth about the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit

The decade’s most bizarre political moments

The worst things about being a Millennial

Messed up things about elementary school you only notice as an adult

Real phenomena that people used to think were fake

Secrets of living in Antarctica 

What will really happen if Trump is impeached

The crazy true story of the guy who lost his memory

Real-life people who had medical conditions named after them

What life is really like after being the president

The bizarre true story of Bigfoot, America’s missing ape

Photos that will change the way you look at history

Shady secrets Walmart doesn’t want you to know

Weirdest things people ever believed about Mars

Scary ways technology is tracking you

Secrets only one living person knows


NH Jewish Reporter

Portsmouth and Dover: Reunited for the High Holidays, a Century Later



Syrian Refugee Camps Battered by Floods

Climate Change is Killing Dolphins, According to New Study

Bernie Sanders Proposes Modifying Supreme Court Term Limits, Or Rotating Judges, To Depoliticize The Court

Fixing U.S. Bridges Across The Country Will Take 80 Years At Current Pace, Says New Report

Abdul Rashid Dostum Survives Assassination Attempt, Second Attempt On Afghanistan’s Vice President In A Year

Screen Rant movies

The X-Men Movies’ Alternate History Lessons

Logan: Why Wolverine and Charles Xavier Make a Great Team

If Spider-Man 4 Ever Happened

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Breakdown

Wildly Different Origin Stories for the Joker

15 Things You Need to Know About Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted nicholas conley

Why I wrote a novel about Alzheimer’s 



10 Surprising Facts about Alzheimer’s


SFF World science fiction fantasy

The Value of Speculative Fiction

One thought on “Journalism & Non-Fiction

  1. “The daily routines of most people are, if closely considered, completely bizarre…With Alzheimer’s, people lose the ability to hide how weird they really are. ” [VOX – Alzheimer’s]

    Precisely!! I have always thought that but have not had enough experience to confirm it. The few experiences I have had visiting various institutions whether a rehab or long term care facility it seemed the folks getting cared for were inappropriately labeled – they weren’t crazy this that and the other, rather they had lost the ability to, as you put it later, to mask themselves.

    What a wonderful article, I especially loved how you shared from your heart, it made me feel as if I was right there with you, experiencing it along side you. I am left encouraged with that spark to continue to think outside the box of a systematic approach and get back to the core of what love really is.

    Looking forward to reading more of your writings!

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