Clay Tongue is up for an award! Also: Intraterrestrial release date confirmed!

So, I have a couple of cool updates to share. First up, Clay Tongue: A Novelette is up for an award!

Clay Tongue fantasy novelette Nicholas Conley

This past weekend, I received notice from Rosie Amber of Rosie’s Book Review Team that her reviewers had nominated Clay Tongue as a finalist for the #RBRT 2016 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Award.  First of all, if any of those reviewers are reading this, I want to offer a huge thank you, and say that I’m honored to receive the nomination; though Clay Tongue is one of my smaller pieces, it’s also a highly personal one that I worked on for years, so it’s touching to know that people connected with Clay Tongue on such a deep level.

Secondly, for those of you who have read Clay Tongue, and who may happen to believe that this little book deserves the award—well, voting is open to the public!  You can place your vote for Clay Tongue at the following link:

The #RBRT Awards: Vote Here!

In the meantime, for those of you who haven’t yet read Clay Tongue: A Novelette, there’s no better time than now, while the holidays are in full swing. Check it out here, on Amazon!

Finally, for those of you who’ve been keeping tabs on Intraterrestrial, my big upcoming novel about aliens, traumatic brain injuries, and the perils of growing up, I’ve got some great news to share: we have a release date! The ebook version of Intraterrestrial will be arriving early next year, on January 16th, 2018. Consider it a New Year’s gift.  Note, the paperback release may have a slightly different release date, so stay tuned. Anyway, that means the new book is about a month away, so buckle your seat belts, and watch this space for lots of teasers, story details, and alien/UFO chitchat over the coming weeks!

alien sky weird ufo nicholas conley intraterrestrial

The ebook version of Intraterrestrial, by Nicholas Conley, will arrive on Earth on January 16, 2018.


Pale Highway is the Winner of the Preditors and Editors™ Readers’ Poll!

That’s right, everyone! I’m excited to announce that Pale Highway is the winner of the 18th Annual Preditors and Editors™ Award for Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel in 2015!

Pale Highway - Nicholas Conley

Pale Highway – Best Science Fiction & Fantasy

To check out the final rankings and see other finalists, including Guy T. Martland’s The Scion, check ’em out here. A huge thank you to all of you who voted: every vote made a difference!

Cheers, and I hope you all had a great weekend.

Vote on the Preditors & Editors™ Poll!

Happy New Year, everyone!  As of last night, we just finished the 22+ hour drive from New Orleans back up to New Hampshire, which took up the entire weekend. Definitely worth the drive: this was my first time in New Orleans, and between the live brass band playing on the sidewalk of Frenchman Street,  random dance parties occurring on every corner, and the enormous fleur-de-lis that drops on Jackson Square at midnight (pictured above), stopping in New Orleans was the perfect way to ring in the New Year.

Now that this month of traveling has concluded, it’s time to get back into the regular flow. On the Pale Highway front, I’m excited to tell you guys that Pale Highway is nominated for an award in the Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll: Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel of 2015.

Pale Highway - Nicholas Conley

Pale Highway – Nicholas Conley

The Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll is an annual award which honors both print and electronic publications released during the prior year, in this case 2015. Unlike most literary awards, the Readers’ Poll is decided by everyday readers like all of you, who vote online with just a few clicks of the mouse

At this present moment, Pale Highway is currently polling at 10th place. If you want to help in bringing Pale Highway up to first place, then place your vote at the following link!

Best Science Fiction & Fantasy – 2015