Benjaman Kyle: The Crazy True Story of the Guy Who Lost His Memory

It’s hard to forget the story of Benjaman Kyle, the man found unconscious by a dumpster with no identity, no past, and no way to recover it. Benjaman Kyle’s bizarre tale blew up across the internet for years (I wrote about him here, for instance), as countless people tried to help figure out his identity, or at least get him some form of identification.

Well, in 2015, Benjaman Kyle’s true identity was discovered: William “Bill” Powell. And his past is an interesting tale unto itself.

For those who are interested in reading more about Benjaman’s story, I recently wrote a piece on him for Grunge. Check it out below:

The crazy true story of the guy who lost his memory

Benjaman Kyle Bill Powell


Finding Benjaman Kyle


In 2004, an unidentified man was found beaten, unconscious, naked and sunburned by the dumpster of a Burger King in Georgia. Suffering from dissociative amnesia and thus having no idea of who he was, nor possessing any form of identification or social security card, the man took on the pseudonym “Benjaman Kyle” and after years of homelessness, has since spent the last decade trying to recover his identity. He has no idea who he is, other than a few scattered memories, and so far no friends or family members have come out and identified him.

This might sound like the plot of a suspense thriller, but this is real life.  Yes, this is a true story, and yes, this man is really out there.  This short film (less than 10 minutes) tells the whole story:

More information (and contact info, in case someone recognizes him) can be found on his website,  The FBI has been unable to find his identity, so now the internet provides possibly the best chance that this man has of getting recognized.

Yes, this is an old story—but it’s also an ongoing one.  Whether or not Benjaman possesses a social security card, he is still a human being trapped in an unfortunate scenario, and he deserves the same benefits as everyone else.


Photo taken by Joshua Sharpe for Jax Air News