Facts about the human brain everyone gets wrong

Facts about the human brain everyone gets wrong

Strange as it is to think about, the most important part of your identity is the squishy ball of grey matter squeezed into your skull. Everything you understand about the universe around you, from the color of the sky to the smell of the sunflowers to that wonky Plato paper you wrote in college, can all be credited to your favorite little cognitive organ. When it comes down to it, you are your brain.

Just because you understand everything using your brain, though, doesn’t mean you understand anything about it. Despite the fact that humans spend every waking moment firing up their little think-nuggets, there are a lot of misconceptions about how the brain works, to the point where outright falsehoods are spouted as facts nearly every day. Don’t be one of those people. Whether you want to use your left brain or your right brain or just go all in, it’s time to expand your mind with the truth…READ MORE.

New Alzheimer’s Article on HeadStuff

I’ve written a new article about Alzheimer’s, this time for the Brain/Body section of HeadStuff.org.  Whereas my last piece was a personal essay, this one is a technical analysis of what Alzheimer’s is, what Alzheimer’s does, and where it comes from.  Check it out below:

HeadStuff.Org: 10 Surprising Facts About Alzheimer’s


Enjoy the read!

Plenty of news coming up in the near future, as Pale Highway‘s \release is now only a few short days away! Hard to believe that it’s almost here after all this time. In any case, I’ll see you all on Tuesday, as Gabriel Schist meets the world.

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