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True Tales: Past the Horizon Line

Back in February of 2016, I was honored to have the opportunity to share a true story on the radio station WSCA 106.1 FM, and in front of a live studio audience.

That story, which I called “Past the Horizon Line,” was about my real life experiences working in a nursing home, and how my friendship with one particularly amazing Alzheimer’s patient had a profound impact on my life.

As longtime readers know, much of my writing — including my novel Pale Highway (which deals with Alzheimer’s), as well as Clay Tongue: A Novelette (which deals with post-stroke aphasia) and my upcoming book, Intraterrestrial (which deals with traumatic brain injuries) — has been based on my experiences working in healthcare, but it’s not often that I get to share too much about what those real experiences were like, and how they shaped the person I am today. For that reason, I’d like the share this clip with you all, where I tell my story, “Past the Horizon Line.” Thank you for watching.



Leopard Printed Slug Pale Highway Nicholas Conley

Happy Birthday Pale Highway

After all of the time I spent putting this book together, thinking about it, talking about it… it’s hard to believe that as of today, Pale Highway – a novel about life, death, and Alzheimer’s disease – is now celebrating its first birthday. Seriously, it’s been a year already? Crazy!

Though my essays on Vox, Huffington Post,, and so on have described my own personal experience working in the dementia unit of a nursing home, Pale Highway is the work that most fully encapsulates everything I believe about the importance of honoring those with Alzheimer’s, not just as patients, but as human beings.

For those of you who have been along with me on this wild, wacky ride since the beginning, thank you for your support, and thank you for taking the time to read my rather strange tale of a demented old genius, an incurable disease, a search for identity, and some talking slugs.

For those newcomers out there who haven’t yet hopped aboard “the pale highway”… when could be a better time than now, on its first birthday? Trust me, you’re in for a unique trip.

Cheers, everyone. And happy birthday, Pale Highway!


PALE HIGHWAY – Winner of the 2015 Preditors & Editors Award for Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel – now one year old, and still available on Paperback and Kindle!

Pale Highway - Nicholas Conley

Pale Highway – Nicholas Conley –

Something in the Nothing: Listen Now!

I’m happy to say that the world premiere of Something in the Nothing on WSCA was a rousing success! From beginning to end, it was an exceptional production, with fantastic ambiance, sound effects, and the talented cast of Erika Wilson, John Pearson, Jessica Rainville, Jessie Duthrie, David Phreaner, and Suzy Manzi.

Something in the Nothing - Nicholas Conley

Something in the Nothing – Nicholas Conley

But don’t just take my word for it: listen to it yourself!

For those of you who weren’t able to tune in during the premiere, don’t worry: you can now listen to Something in the Nothing online. Either listen to the Audio Theater archive for 08-23-2016 on, or just use the video file below:


Huge thanks to everyone at WSCA for putting this show together, particularly directors John Lovering and Jon Nash, the latter of whom is pictured here on the right.

Something in the Nothing - WSCA - Erika Wilson, Nicholas Conley, Jon Nash

Something in the Nothing – WSCA – Erika Wilson, Nicholas Conley, Jon Nash



The cast of WSCA’s premiere of Something in the Nothing: A Radio Play includes John Pearson, David Phreanor, Jessie Duthrie, Suzy Manzi, Jessica Rainville, Erika Wilson




Something in the Nothing: A Radio Play about Alzheimer’s – Premiering Next Tuesday on 106.1 FM!

Next Tuesday, August 23rd, Portsmouth Community will air a live performance of my radio play, Something in the Nothing, on 106.1 FM in New Hampshire.

Drawn from the same experiences that fueled my novel, Pale Highway, Something in the Nothing is set in a nursing home, and tells the story of a conversation between an Alzheimer’s patient and his caregiver — a conversation that will have a dramatic impact upon both of their lives, forever.

Something in the Nothing - Nicholas Conley

Something in the Nothing – Nicholas Conley

Something in the Nothing will star the voices of actors John Pearson, Erika Wilson, Jessica Rainville, Jessie Duthrie, David Phreaner, and Suzy Manzi. Fellow New Hampshirities can tune in at 6:30 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, August 23rd to hear it live – and those of you who are outside New Hampshire can listen to it live on the WSCA website, or if you aren’t available on the night of the broadcast, just give it a listen later on in the site’s Audio Theater archives!

I went to see the rehearsal on Wednesday night, and all I can say is that it blew me away: the sound design, the ambiance, and the performances of these actors have taken my script and created a truly heartfelt, beautiful production out of it. The people involved in making this are dedicating all of their tremendous talent to put together something truly remarkable, and I can’t wait to see the final production.