Don’t Dis My Ability

To those who missed my interview on WSCA 106.1 FM’s “Don’t Dis my Ability,” never fear! There’ll be video footage soon. In the meantime, you can also listen to the audio file online at the WSCA website, right here. Just scroll down to the “Don’t Dis My Ability” section, and click on the 04-12-2016 show! I talk about Alzheimer’s, healthcare, writing, Pale Highway, and more, including my upcoming Alzheimer’s-themed radio play titled “Something in the Nothing,” that I’ve written for the station!

Thanks to Ronnie, Pamela and Lee for putting on such a terrific program.


3s Artspace: Long Story Short

I was honored to be one of six storytellers at last night’s Long Story Short: Past Lives event at 3s Artspace in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Similar in format to True Tales, this event gave the six of us (and a surprise seventh, selected at random) the chance to tell our real life stories in front of a packed audience.


Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank 3s Artspace, Beth LaMontagne Hall, and all of the other storytellers — Erin LaPlante, Larry Clow, Rachel Forrest, Isaac Tyler, and Laura Cleminson — for putting on a terrific show last night!

Tonight’s Radio Appearance

Tonight from 6-8pm ET, tune into Portsmouth Community Radio’s TRUE TALES program on WSCA-LP 106.1 FM!

I’ll be one of six storytellers featured in the program, each of us telling true stories relating to this month’s theme of “Frontiers.” In addition, if you tune into the first half hour, they’ll be doing a brief interview of me before the main show starts! The program will also be filmed for television broadcast on Portsmouth Public Media Television.

For those of you who aren’t in New Hampshire, just hop on over to the WSCA website, where you can listen in on 106.1 at any time, 24/7. Wish me luck!



New Pale Highway Updates

Good morning everyone!

So for all you radio listeners out here, I’ll be speaking on the February 23rd show of Portsmouth’s True Tales Radio, brought to the New Hampshire seacoast by Portsmouth Community Radio WSCA-LP 106.1 FM.

Six storytellers, including myself, will tell their real life stories related to Februrary’s theme of “Frontiers.” On February 23rd, I’ll be speaking sometime between 6 and 8pm, ET. For those of you who aren’t in New Hampshire, no worries! You can also listen online through Portsmouth Community Radio’s official website.


Some great new reviews of Pale Highway have popped up in the last few weeks, and I don’t want to miss the chance to share them with all of you here. First of all, we have this wonderful review by Thomas S. Flowers, who begins by embracing the glorious ways of the coffee bean:

Before I dive into this review, I had to brew myself a fresh cup of joe, to put myself in tune, hopefully, with the ways of Nicholas Conley. The ground bean vapors, I pray, will act as my spiritual guide in writing this review.

…and then delves deeply into the book’s subject matter.

In fact, the “plague” acted as nothing more than to keep the momentum of the story, to keep motivations rolling towards its ultimate conclusion. The real story is in the tired, tragic life of one Gabriel Schist. In that story, we find so much more than the arc of one man’s life, we also find perhaps a “highway,” if you will, pointing us toward deeper, more meaningful questions, not about what we’ll wear this weekend on a date, but rather, questions of what we’re doing with our lives, how we’re treating those we love and strangers alike, who we are spending time with. In the immortal words of Henry David Thoreau, “It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

As if that wasn’t enough to have me smiling for weeks, Catherine Rose Putsche had this to say:

It is not often that my own words escape me as I try to recount the beauty, the true understanding of such a devoted man who struggles to hold off his own real-life manifestations to save everyone around him. Conley, has created a memorable, life-like and loveable protagonist who will stay with me for a long time and I have no doubt that this story will have an impact and raise awareness to each and every reader out there who has lost, or is losing someone in their lives’ to this despicable disease, as I and so many others have.

Finally, we’ll stop here with a review from Ms.Nose in a Book:

I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from this author as I really loved his writing. I give this book five out of five stars. If you are a fan of Science Fiction or this book sounds interesting to you, definitely check it out. I know you won’t be disappointed!

I really can’t even begin to emphasize how amazing it is to see how deeply people have connected with this book, to know that something I spent years picturing in my head, working on, and agonizing over has finally found its roots in the world, and is growing.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, and drinking lots of coffee.

P.S., though I didn’t think that any video footage had been taken from my Dover Library visit, it appears that at least one clip came out of it, which is a nice surprise:

New Interview in the Portsmouth Review


I have a new interview in the Portsmouth Review, a publication based out of the New Hampshire seacoast. In this piece, I talk to Rebecca Skane about Pale Highway, why I love writing, and even some of my family background.  Check it out at the link below!


The Portsmouth Review Talks to Local Author Nicholas Conley

When I was first forming the skeleton of what would eventually become Pale Highway, I batted around a lot of different title ideas, most of which related to Gabriel’s dementia, none of which stuck. Then, there was this one night where inspiration just struck me. As soon as the words “Pale Highway” entered my brain, I knew for the first time what my novel was going to be about, really about, and I was ready to write the first draft within a few months. I can’t go too much into detail, as that would spoil some pretty major points, but trust me – that title is important.


…and another amazing AnthoCon draws to a close.

A big cheers goes out to everyone who made it out to Portsmouth this weekend, and I hope everyone there had as excellent a time as I did. As usual, it was great to see a lot of familiar faces – including publisher extraordinaire Eric Beebe, and such genre presences as G. Elmer Munson (Stripped), Scott Goudsward (Trailer Trash), Andrew Wolter (Nightfall), David Price (Dead in the USA),  Marianne Halbert, Stacey and Jason Harris (the owners of Books and Boos) and of course, the Four Horsemen themselves…not to mention, plenty of new faces as well, including authors Brian Dobbins (Jasmine’s Tale), Marshall Stein (Rage Begets Murder), and Rob Watts (Huldufolk), all of whom are terrific people who I hope to see again someday in the near future.  There are so many names I’m forgetting to mention – you see so many great people at an event like this!

But anyway, in closing: AnthoCon is an absolutely remarkable convention, and I’m sure it’ll get better and better with every year.  Here’s to the next gathering, guys!

-Nicholas Conley

This Weekend: AnthoCon 2013 in Portsmouth!

That’s right, I’ll be attending AnthoCon this weekend, November 9th and 10th- the Anthology 2013 Conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire!

Held at the Holiday Inn, AnthoCon is celebrating its third year this time around.  Access to the dealer room is FREE (!!!),  a day pass for all panels and readings is only $20 and as usual, there will be a literary ocean full of terrific horror/sci-fi/genre authors swimming all over the place.

I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday with my publisher, Post Mortem Press.  More information on the convention can be found on its official website,


-Nicholas Conley