Book Trailer: Intraterrestrial

Next week, on January 16th, the aliens are coming. On that day, the ebook edition of Intraterrestrial will finally touch down on Earth. The paperback will be arriving in the near future, as well—and as soon as there’s an official date, I’ll let you all know.

In the meantime, I’m excited to unveil the official book trailer for Intraterrestrial. Watch it below!

Adam Helios is a bully magnet without many friends. When he starts hearing a voice that claims to come from the stars, he fears he’s losing his mind, so he withdraws even further. On the way home from a meeting at the school, he and his parents are involved in a horrible car crash. With his skull cracked open, Adam’s consciousness is abducted by the alien who has been speaking to him for months.

After surviving the wreck with only minor scratches, Camille Helios must deal with her guilt over the accident that left her husband badly injured and her son in a coma. When the doctor suggests letting Adam go, Camille refuses to stop fighting for her son’s life.

Lost among galaxies, Adam must use his imagination to forge a path home before his body dies on the operating table. But even if he does return to Earth, he may end up locked inside a damaged brain forever.

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Pale Highway: Book Trailer


Hey all! Hope everyone had a great Halloween, and that you’ve all successfully recovered from any haunted trees (like the terrifying one pictured above), ghost stories, black magic, werewolf encounters, serial killings, possessed trick-or-treaters, and post-Halloween hangovers that you may have encountered. After another week packed full of busy happenings, I know that I now need to catch up on some Walking Dead episodes.

Red Adept Publishing has released a book trailer for Pale Highway. Check it out below: